America Infiltrated Part III

MSNBC Special Report


with Keith Olberman

"Welcome back, I'm Keith Olberman and this is a special presentation of Countdown. We're going to have to cut away from the program we were planning for the moment, I've just been told that President Nathan Petrelli is about to address the press outside of the White House about the Company issue. We're— okay, we're going to cut live now to the White House."

"Thank you for coming out here this evening. I know most of you probably have a great deal of questions, and I am going to endeavor to answer as many of them as is possible right now. As you have heard throughout the day, the Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with multiple levels of state and federal law-enforcement as working to root out elements of a subversive organization that has existed within this nation for the last fifty years."

"I am not, at present, capable of explaining where this investigation first began or what sources revealed the nature of the Company to me. I will explain, however, that I have spent the last three years since I discovered the presence of the Company working in tandem with elements of this nation's government to find a way to excise them from our country with as little damage to the nation as possible. My appointment to President has only made this procedure more efficient, and I am fortunate for the circumstances that have led me to this position today."

"The Company, to my knowledge, began in the 1960s and was formally instated in 1977 under the cover of the Primatech Paper Company. They have performed human experimentation, viral weaponry programs, opened and maintained secret prisons and have kept the secret of people with special power from the world for generations. The Justice Department is in possession of physical evidence linking the Company to the foiled viral attack on New York City in the winter of 2009 as well as the 2006 nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan."

"Evidence presented to the Department of Justice connects high-ranking Company officials, who will at this juncture remain un-named, that had a direct hand in the placement of the serial killer Gabriel Gray — Sylar — in the city of New York and facilitated the murder of hundreds of thousands of Americans. We know that the Company did this in order to begin a plan by which they would systematically take control of this nation's entire government structure from the top down."

"Individuals are currently in custody and more are being sought in connection with this terrorist plot and when it does not endanger the lives of the government agencies working to apprehend these individuals, more information will be brought to light. Until that time, I ask for patience from the American people and confidence that we have this matter under control. Where other administrations have failed to even notice the effects of the Company at large, I promise that my administration will not rest until every last agent of the Company that has undermined our government is brought to justice."

"Our country has no room for closed door deals, for keeping secrets that endanger the lives of our citizens, or for the future that the Company has dreamed for America. I have dreamed of a future without the Company, and we will see it happen. Thank you."

"And… there you have it. Admittedly not a whole lot to go on, not as much as I think the people of America were expecting, but enough to satiate our appetites for understanding for the time being. But— and I'm still digesting this— it sounds like things are, or were, as bad as we'd originally heard in the initial reports."

"These cowardly, monstrous types of people were responsible for the Midtown explosion. Now… now most of you will remember from previous broadcasts that both of my parents, Mary and Theodore— they died in that explosion in Midtown. There's a lot of families out there like mine, a lot of people out there in the world like me that have lost someone in Midtown. To think— to just for one second imagine that there are these insidious and malevolent people that would knowingly extinguish— that they would— it infuriates me."

"I don't know how the next few weeks, months, years are going to play out. But it is my high and honest hope that these Company individuals, each and every one of them, be executed like the gutless cowards they are. I would gladly sit in a chair to watch each one of them be put to death, just so I could be certain that the world was clean of the kind of filth that they represent."

"Leave it to the Petrelli administration too, to focus on a war in Madagascar when we have this sort of monstrosity on our own soil. We're off spending— what, billions? Trillions?— We're spending too much money on revitalizing Madagascar, maintaining the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now we're trying to dig out the root of evil in our own country? I'm at a loss for words."

"We're going to a commercial, more when we come back. You're watching Countdown with Keith Olberman."

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