America Remembers Part I

New York Times
Monday, November 8th, 2010

Four years ago today the world as we know it changed forever. Some people claim that the beginning of a new age began when Senator Nathan Petrelli along with, the Officer Matthew Parkman, and Officer Jesse Alexander Knight revealed to the world the existence of Evolved Abilities. That event may have been monumental, but were it not for the nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan perhaps that revelation would have been taken in a different light.

Four Years ago, America lost hundreds of thousands of lives in the greatest tragedy the country had ever seen. The true number of those who died in the initial blast will never be known, estimates say just over three hundred thousand, though that number is often viewed as too conservative and not taking into account visitors into the region on that busy day.

The man responsible for the explosion, Sylar, has burned himself into the American consciousness. A nightmare for the modern age, and even after his death in Midtown caused the loss of so many lives his legacy as the most hated figure in American history continues on to this day.

Four years ago today, America was on the verge of World War III after what many believed was a tactical nuclear strike preceding all out nuclear war with an unknown foreign power. In a way, analysts were right, but it isn't the fires of nuclear war that have ushered us into this new decade, but the smoldering fire of a cold war all our own. A war that has divided our cities, divided our families, and divided America down a line that we did not even know existed.

Today, America looks back and remembers the loss of life that we all suffered four years ago. Remembers the struggle, remembers the pain, and looks ahead to the brave new world that we have been awakened into. This double-sized edition of the New York Times contains retrospects on the events of November 8, 2006 and a look back at the people and innocence that America lost.

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