America Remembers Part III

Associated Press
November 8th, 2010

Everyone remembers, when asked, where they were when the bomb went off. The greatest tragedy of this generation is a milestone in our cultural consciousness. No matter where in the world you were, what nationality you are, the effects of the nuclear explosion in Midtown Manhattan were felt around the world.

But before the world knew that a man named Sylar was the cause of the blast, many people presumed we were on our way towards a third World War. Few people may realize today, just how close we came to global nuclear war in the wake of that terrible tragedy.

The day following the Midtown explosion, the United States Military was put on high alert. Suspicious around the globe were aiming at North Korea and Iran as possible perpetrators of the attack, though no country was willing to lay claim to the massacre. Intelligence gathered by the CIA incorrectly assessed a high probability of Iranian involvement in the plot, due to the presence of a suspected Hezbollah-affiliated terrorist Amid Halebi having entered the United States four months prior to the explosion.

Halebi was believed to be tied to the attacks by intelligence that linked him with a foiled plot to derail a nuclear munitions transport in Texas earlier that year. Halebi was — and still is — on the run from Federal authorities. Tracing Halebi's activities back to Iran, the CIA filed a report in December of 2006 strongly implicating Halebi as the terrorist involved.

Following the CIA's report on Halebi, the US Navy launched carriers into the Persian Gulf and initiated Operation Liberty Shield, intending on preparing for what then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called, "A final response to any further Iranian aggression." Inside sources within the Pentagon revealed in 2009 that a submarine with the fleet armed with nuclear-capable missiles was ready to perform a retaliatory strike against Iran.

In response to the growing US aggressions, Iran promised swift and violent reprisals should the United States declare war, and soon Iran's allies across the middle east and America's allies were priming themselves for global nuclear war. By the time the state of Israel joined the threat of conflict with aims towards neutralizing the Iranian threat, violence had broken out world-wide over the nuclear standoff

By February 2007 peace talks had broken down, and with the Atomic clock at minutes to midnight, then Senator Nathan Petrelli, along with police officers Matthew Parkman and Jesse Alexander Knight made a startling revelation to the world.

One that, in the end, spared out country and the global community from the mutually assured destruction of nuclear war. Were it not for the revelation of the Evolved, we may not be here today to look back on that incident.

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