Amidst A Crowd Of Ninjas


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Scene Title Amidst A Crowd Of Ninjas
Synopsis Dutch shows up at NYPD Headquarters and gets a talk from Detective Shelby. Dutch then asks Cassidy out.
Date May 5, 2009

NYPD Headquarters

The New York Police Department Head Quarters is an old stone building, renovated many times over the years. The plaster walls are not as cracked and in need of repair as the various Precinct buildings around the city. The fluorescent lights give the room a rather sterile glow. Old posters, civic reminders, duty rosters and newspaper clippings are tacked up on the walls, rustling every time one of the doors opens. A high, wooden desk sits on the north wall, manned by two clerks, who records all visitors and arrests.

The way out to the street lies to the south, while doors to the offices of the Head Quarters lie to the northwest

It's one of those evenings that Coren would rather have less paperwork and more alcohol, but there he is, doing his due diligence in making sure all paperwork is filed on time. It seems to consume unhealthy amounts of time, but considering he pulls more hours than most in law enforcement thanks to his evolved ability, he's one of the few who actually documents everything thoroughly, simply because he has the time. Not that it bothers him — it is something to do, afterall, and it mostly does keep his mind off things that he would rather not dwell upon. He's been rather silent with Cassidy all day, doing little else than what is necessary to do their job, although he does make her coffee — just the way she likes it — one or twice and informed her that, while she was gone the night before, Gustav Svenson came in and made a possible identification of April Bradley, along with four of the other photographs shown to him. 'Nothing useful, at any rate,' he'd said.

It's been a long and rather depressing day for the small Detective. By now Cassidy's and Coren's rather big disagreement has spread through the PD like wildfire. She has virtually ignored everyone as she works, her focus on the cases. She doesn't even glance at Coren when he brings her coffee, but she's polite enough to at least say a thank you. The greenwich case is foremost on her mind as she sits at the desk trying again to get a shop owner to agree to talk to her. "Look.. Nothing is going to happen to you if you talk to…" She glances at the phone and frown. She sighs and set's it on the cradle again.

"I didnt know who he was, I thought there had been a uniform change or something."Its a young patrolman, one of the few milling around who dont have desks to slave over. "I mean I didnt know anyone but the army wore camo, yaknow?"

"He's ATF, theres a bunch of their ESU guys out of Brooklyn I think."Another patrolman, presumably the younger one's partner speaks finally. His hands stuffed into jacket pockets, as he waits for his trainee. "They dont always wear the big block letters though, them and the DEA are like that."

"So what does he want with ESU, do they do warrants together or somethin?"Comes a retort, as he sets a folder on another detective's desk before heading back the way he came and towards his partner.

"Jesus how am I supposed to know, maybe he just came to shoot the shit who cares?"and if unbidden, the pair proceed to head round the corner and off stage.

"You must love how unwilling people are to talk to the police," Coren comments. "Especially when they're scared of real, or imagined, threats." He overhears the two patrolmen talking and does not immediately react. He takes a sip of his tea and then sets his mug down. "ATF?" Intrigued, Coren gets up from his desk and begins to walk off, which may be a cue for Cassidy to follow, given that Dutch may be the ATF agent whom the patrolmen were talking about. It's not long before he's leaning in the doorway. "I can't recall the last time I saw ATF here," he says.

Cassidy glances at her partner, but doesn't answer right away. She looks back at her notebook and flips it shut. When glances back as she get's to his feet. "AFT? What?" Obviously she missed something, so she moves to stand and follow. "Only one I know is Dutch." She looks thoughtful. "I wouldn't think he'd have a reason to come down here. I mean I had to go find him."

Dressed in Crye multicam, Dutch is easy to pick out amidst a crowd of Ninjas. He's chatting up with another two ESU guys, and the three of them have their rifles set on a large conference table for a good bit of shop talk. Theres dicussion of stone honing versus fiber honing, and of course no discussion with precision riflemen is complete without atleast one argument on teflon coatings and their relationship with barrel lifespans. Once Coren and Cassidy show up however, the two ESU dudes Dutch is chatting up think its time to depart.

"We usually dont come dressed in fatigues."Dutch notes, as he steps towards the table to pop open his heavy rifle case. "I dont think we've met."Though Dutch doesnt offer his hand to shake, rather he attends to his rifle first. Settling it back into its cozy accommodations, and clasping the heavy padlocks at either end. "Anyway, I'm Agent Alois Ohnesorge but uhh everyone just calls me Dutch." Theres finally the offered handshake, and an easy smile as he steps towards Coren. Giving Cassidy likewise a tip of his ballcap "Ma'am."

Coren hesitantly offers his hand, but decides to keep it civil, despite having a very strong grip. "Doctor Coren Shelby, Detective-Investigator." Once he has his hand back, he goes back to leaning in the doorway, effectively blocking it. "I was wondering when I might get the chance to meet you, and here I am not disappointed with your timing. Would you care to explain precisely what it is you were doing with this John Doe character and my partner yesterday?"

Cassidy gives a bit of a pained look when she see's that it is Dutch. Oh great. She glances at Coren giving him an uncertain look, at his civil manner concidering their arguement yesterday. She does give Dutch a grin at the tipping of his cap. "Hey Dutch. What brings you into out neck of the woods?" She asks that even though Coren starts in.

Dutch slumps back onto the table with a nod, though he has enough sense to know he's in for a ride. "Yeah its sort've complicated."or so Dutch warns. "Like two weeks ago now, there was an attempted bank robbery in Queens. The bank robber was armed with a weapon the precinct couldnt identify so we came to take a look. Its a submachinegun of original design, thats belt fed and illegally manufactured. I asked around, and got the name Mortimer and told I could find him on the island."

Dutch pauses for a moment there, adjusting the sit of his thighrig some before he continues. "Well I went and watched and did my snipery voodoo, and I had a run in with Mortimer. There was gunfire exchanged, grenades and a short vehicle pursuit but he slipped away. So then like two days later, John Doe calls and dumps a tip on our tip line. So we meet, and he tries to steer me away from Mortimer with this big conspiracy theory about a secret organization thats using mind control to turn the population against evolved. So I know he's running interference for Mortimer, got him back here and let somone who's better with an interrogation do their thing."

The last bit, the Island bit he saves for last of course."She popped over to the island, If I'd have known she was all by her lonesome I prolly would have just came over here but she made the call. Didnt want a ride back to the ferry, and who am I to tell any woman much less a detective what her safety envelope should be?"

"So you had your informant come into NYPD headquarters and then had him interrogated here by our personnel?" Coren asks. "There seems something not quite right about that, but I can't quite put my finger on it…. Ah yes. The ATF field office in Brooklyn. And that's not where we are."

Cassidy nods her head a bit when she listens to Dutch, glancing at Coren occationally to try and gage his mood. "I was fine." She holds out her arms. "See." Her arms drop at Coren's words. "I have to admit, I wonddered about that myself. They didn't explain that to me, just that I needed to interview the guy."

"We dont have boats, the NYPD does. Nevermind the fact we dont have a holding cell we just have interrogation rooms. If we want somone held, we either dump them in county or throw them over here. So it seemed a waste of paperwork, to have an NYPD boat take a guy to the ATF office for an hour sit down before he gets transferred back to NYPD or corrections for a twenty four hour hold. You guys have been dealing with the FBI for way too long, we aint a tenth as large nor are we so high and mighty."Dutch shrugs "I'm a tactical guy, I went from Patrol to SWAT to the ATF. I skipped the detective stage, most ATF guys were detectives. I know my strenghts, so when I need a guy talked too I leave that to the experts."

Coren's expression goes from unamused to well, whatever comes after a person is no longer amused to the point of being beyond unamused. "You held John Doe in lockup for twenty-four hours? One what grounds?" His eyes flicker to Cassidy to. "Please tell me that's not how this went down."

Cassidy lifts her hands as Coren turns his gaze to her, "Hey, I just interviewed the guy. I told him what they told me. Nothing more." She points a finger at him and gives him a look. "Don't look at me like I'm a rookie cop, Shelby." She then points at Dutch. "What he and the booking department decided is beyond me."

"Carrying a firearm without a license, which I couldn't actually charge him with. So rather than just ignore it, I put him in for the night. Sides, I needed the time to run his gun's serial numbers. I was pretty confident when I snagged him, that it was stolen but not so. So I ran it through the history, made sure none of the hands it passed through had a later conviction as a strawman or whatever. Shit takes time, but I didnt want to let him go for lack of effort. I made sure everything was clean." Dutch doesnt get wound up, yet anyway. "I just asked for a detective to interview him, I'm not surprised she didnt know what was going on."

Coren's expression returns to his sourpuss, unamused look. "Good. I'd hate to see some federal agent come in and expose this department to a civil liberty lawsuit." He stands, no longer leaning in the doorway. "Next time, please apprise whomever you choose to suck into your meritless investigations of all of the details. So long as you maintain a proper paper trial and don't get my partner killed, there won't be any further problems, Agent Ohnesorge." On that note, he turns and begins walking past Cassidy and back towards his desk.

Cassidy can't keep the look of surprise off her face as Coren passes her. She had really expected… well more. She gives a shake of her head and gives her attention to Dutch. "Well, um. Good to know. Like I said before. If you need anything just let me know." She glances at her partner again as if half expecting protest. "I'll do what I can as long as it doesn't interfer with my work here."

"Thank you Detective, its good to know some care about the flow of illicit arms and explosives into New York City proper. "Dutch glances after Coren, before offering Cassidy his full attention."So, you wanna go grab some pizza or something? I just spent sixteen hours on a rooftop, so I'm feeling just a wee bit peckish."

Okay, not something Cassidy expected. "I.. uh.. what?" She blinks and then shakes her head. "Ah, no." She quickly adds. "Actually, I've still got several calls to make on this one case I've got." She motions at her mess of a desk. "And then… I ah… wanted to go by the scene again.." Flustered.. Just a bit. She glances back at Dutch and says. "Sorry.. duty calls and all that." Does she sound as stupid to the others as she does to herself?

Dutch lifts his hands defencively "Alright, well theres my hack at being a nice guy not just another Fed. I'll be seeing you around, adios." and then Dutch has to go find his little sniper friends. They must discuss pizza!

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