An Allergy To Adam Monroe?


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Scene Title An Allergy To Adam Monroe?
Synopsis Cat, Kaylee, and Doyle discuss the blonde's situation.
Date October 8, 2009

McRae's Safehouse on Staten Island

Her boat, at least one of her boats, is tied up at a place she feels isn't likely to find it stolen from later. The rest of the journey was made on foot. Just past 13:00, a brunette of five feet and eight inches height is passing through the security protocols at McRae's place. The only things in Cat's possession are a guitar case slung over one shoulder and a backpack across the other. What's inside them is anyone's guess.

Lunch time at a place like the safe house can be a rather hectic affair, so while Kaylee got wrapped up in helping get kids fed and all that, she didn't eat with the rest. Most of the foods don't agree with her stomach lately. Too rich.. or too heavy.. her stomach will protest the abuse, nausea medication or not. Which would account for the blonde's crappy appearance.

So it's not till after the whole affair is over that Kaylee finally settles herself at the kitchen table to pick a some lightly buttered toast, her expression less then trilled. There is a slow shake of her head as she grumbles to herself. "I miss being able to eat hamburgers." She drops the toast on the plate with a sigh and picks up a water bottle.

And there's a voice which speaks to her from the kitchen doorway, one in the feminine register and dry in tone. "I remember the last one I ate as if it were just thirty seconds ago." Cat rests eyes on Kaylee briefly after speaking. Quiet observance gives way to approaching that table and seeking to occupy a seat moments later.

It's at a slow walk that Eric Doyle appears from the next room over, moving slowly and carefully as he shuffles his way into the kitchen; the slight burns across his neck and cheek, the obvious bulges of gauze and bandaging beneath his shirt, might tell the story why. The heavy-set man intrudes upon the vicinity of the fridge, pulling it open and leaning in to peer at the choices available, whistling a little tune as he does so.

Eyes lift from her plate of bland food to see a familiar face, though she can't say it's a good thing, Kaylee's expression is one of surprise and then it quickly goes to guarded and cautious. "What do you want?" She asks as politely as she can manage, a small smile on her lips as always. A piece of toast lifted so that she can take a bite off the corner. But when it comes down to it, this is still Miss Pi… One of the Scooby Gang… And last time they saw each other it hadn't been all that friendly.

Her eyes don't move from the woman across from her even as she offers Doyle a pleasant and rather bright. "Hey, Jason… Mr. Flopsy got his woman yet? Or you still working your magic on her?"

Her eyes track Doyle as he enters and makes for the refrigerator. Cat recognizes him but doesn't let on that she does. It's her hope he won't remember where he saw her before, or what she was doing at the time. But when Kaylee speaks, attention shifts back to her. "To have a conversation," she replies as the chair is occupied."

Her features are calm, she displays a poker face. "It's interesting when I hear of people seeking shelter from certain other persons." From her pocket an iPhone is produced. She taps a few places on the screen as if she'd just gotten a text message or somesuch and is reading it with the back of the device facing Kaylee.

It was a dark night. It was raining. It's entirely possible that Doyle doesn't recognize the woman, and if he does, he's not showing any signs of it. Leaning back with a microwavable TV-dinner from the depths of the freezer, he drops a step back and pushes the door closed before shuffling over in the direction of said microwave.

"She's just about done," he admits, his tone rueful, "I don't have much in the way of supplies to work with here, since they're all back at the theatre…" A turn of his head, watching Cat out of the corner of his eye as she talks to Kaylee.

"Hmmm." Is the comment from Kaylee as she takes another bite of her toast. "Well…" she starts while chewing, "…you know what I am… so you could see why I have to hide. I can't just walk away." She flashes a tight smile, though the humor doesn't reach her cautious eyes. "Not exactly, something my employer would easily give up. Even if it's for my own… good." An elbow moves to rest on the table, so that she can prop her chin on her fist. "So… you've come to see who could be running from Monroe?"

A glance is thrown to Doyle and the big man gets a real smile. "The kids will enjoy it I'm sure, when you get done." Then her eyes are back to Cat, her brows lifting slightly as if waiting.

"Mr. Monroe doesn't seem to me a very forgiving person," Cat agrees, "nor does he seem the type to let go of anyone easily. His reputation seems to indicate holding grudges. I admit to wondering if you were the one I'd heard about. Blonde women aren't a scarce thing, of course, and I confess little knowledge of what operatives Mr. Monroe employed beyond those we met with, but my experience in these matters tends toward there being no coincidences."

Doyle's presence still registers, but her focus isn't upon him.

"Yes." Kaylee offers flatly, eyes dropping as she picks up another triangle of toast, with a small shrug of her shoulders. "I am…" Though her head doesn't lift, her eyes move to peer at the woman across the table with partially lidded blue eyes, "Though, it concerns me that there is information out there saying that I'm here." Her head lifts slowly, the toast left on the plate. "Cause if Adam… or even Huruma get wind of that…" ..she's screwed. She sends a worried look to Doyle, since he'd be in just as much trouble if Adam found out.

Ding! The microwave's timer finishes up, and soon Eric's cradling a tv dinner in his hands, fork pressed against its side as he walks over to the table and sets it down. "You know, I was perfectly fine where I was," he complains as he eases himself into a chair with only a faint grimace of pain, "Monroe was going to leave me alone, I had my own theatre… everything was fine."

It's punctuated by a stab of the fork into salisbury steak.

"Do I seem the sort who's likely to tell Adam Monroe anything at all?" Cat asks with a lift of one brunette brow. The very idea that she'd communicate with him, relay any kind of information, seems to give her some faint amusement."

Her head turns briefly toward the now dining man, and a reply is directed toward him. "If you choose to believe that, sir, that's your decision." She doesn't seem inclined to argue with him; the woman speculates something must've happened to change his opinion on that or he wouldn't be here.

Unless, it occurs to Cat, these two are plants.

Eyes return to Kaylee, and as they do she amps up the volume on her thoughts. I considered when we first met if it would be worthwhile to share with you what I know of Mr. Monroe. Would it be?

The young blonde grimaces at Doyle's words, looking somewhat guilty. She didn't do this to him, but she might as well have with just being in the same place as he is, "I know, Jason." She offers him an apologetic look as she leans over to pat the big guy's uninjured arm gently. "I'm hoping you can get that back. The kids of the city need your skill." There is a small sigh, and Kaylee moves to sit back in her chair. "He kinda got drug into this." Glancing to Cat, Kaylee shrugs. "You might not, but if you got the information… then Monroe could." And that bothers her.

Kaylee might not listen to people on purpose for the most part, but when people thinks too loud, it draws her attention. Brows lift a bit and she leans forward again, arms resting on the table. She doesn't speak to Cat mentally, what she says next, she says aloud since Doyle is there. "I've been doing nothing lately, then looking for everything I can about Monroe." She smiles a bit, "Jason knows this cause he's one of the first I sought out. You could say that learning what I can about Adam Monroe is a… requirement right now. I can't read Adam, so I can't tell if he's telling the truth."

"Adam just wanted me out of the way. Now I'm involved," Eric mutters darkly under his breath, digging into the meal with relish. Or anger. One of the two, or possibly a little bit of both. "There's no way he's going to believe I didn't tell anything about him, either. Not him."

Doyle, known to her as Jason, is studied briefly, then eyes shift back to Kaylee. As she speaks, attention shifts back and forth between them. "Ideally, there would be an operative who could give you new faces. Hopefully another will be found. The one I know of," Cat laments, "isn't available now. But for you, Jason, there is a person who can quickly heal your burns. I don't believe he would give your location away to Mr. Monroe. And of course the encounter could be done at a place chosen for that specific purpose which you never return to."

"I don't believe either of you have reason to fear being found, but I understand the sentiment. I'm no stranger to people wanting to kill me, or lock me away in a deep dark hole forever. Humanis First, DHS, a group called the Vanguard…"

With a heavy sigh, Kaylee's head drops a bit at Doyle's words. "A new face?" She asks sounding amused, her head slowly lifting to look at the woman. "Do you really think that would work? Have you met Huruma?" It's an honest question. "Something like that only changes the physical appearance… it doesn't change everything else. Mind… scent." Kaylee shakes her head slowly. "Even if it was an option, I don't think it would do much to stop her from finding me. She's been in my head and me her's… I've.. heard that if she had my 'scent' then I'm probably screwed if I don't keep away." Of course, scent could be anything.

Looking over at Doyle, she gives him a smirk. "Sounds like a good deal. Or that guy that was here the other night.. He said you could talk to him about the burns as well." It's all in who Doyle wants to trust.

"A healer?" Eric looks up from the food before him, brows raising sharply, "Um. Yes? Please? This isn't exactly… comfortable, you know?" A quick, nervous smile, before he straightens a little, nostrils flaring in a snort, "I know all about dark holes, lady. I've spent years in them…"

He looks to Kaylee, then, head cocking a bit, "Who's Huruma?"

"Huruma is a telepath too?" Cat asks, by that question perhaps giving away she doesn't know what the huge cannibal's ability is. "But… that wouldn't give her your literal scent, unless it was a figurative way to describe something. And sometimes people overstate what they're capable of to cause fear. In poker they call it bluffing." It's mulled over across the span of seconds, then set aside. "The changed face isn't currently available anyway, sadly. But I believe it would work if it were."

"I'll get word to the healer and arrangements can be made, if he's willing and available," Cat tells 'Jason'. "Dark holes. Were you in Moab?" At the same time she asks, his face is looked at for the telltale mark under his chin.

Kaylee stares at Doyle for a long moment, brows lifting in almost disbelief. "You haven't met her? Tall black woman? Amazing fashion sense? Kinda scary? And no…" The last words directed at Cat, her attention turning the the woman. "Not a telepath… I can't put words to it… It was an odd feeling, comforting?" She's quiet for a moment, but then shrugs. "Either way… the woman is dangerous. That much I know having been around her." Course, Kaylee kinda found her amusing, but that's behind her now.

At the mention of Moab, Kaylee busies herself with her toast, since the subject is beyond her.

"Doesn't ring a bell," Doyle replies to Kaylee, brows raising over heavy-lidded eyes and head shaking just a bit, "I've heard you mention her, I mean, I know you're scared of her, but I don't know why." A shrug, and he starts to go back to his TV dinner, the fork pausing in the air then as he flicks a look up to Cat. Silent a moment, before his gaze drops back to his meal.

"Moab was a nice vacation compared to some other places I've been."

Information from woman and man is mulled over in silence for some time, with Cat calling up the pages of Chandra Suresh's book to review parts of it. "Empathy?" she asks eventually. "Or emotional manipulation." She may spend more time calling up the possibilities later; attention now shifts to the man.

"I've seen Moab," she remarks, "and been there, but I wasn't a prisoner. A close friend was, though." The iPhone screen in her hand is touched in places again while she faces him in the way one might when dealing with a text message. When done she tucks it back into a pocket.

And she inquires of Kaylee "Who was the man you said had a way to heal Jason too?"

"Just trust me… I've seen in her head," The young telepath states to Jason.

"Maybe?" Kaylee says with a slow shrug, at Cat's question about the empathy, her head shaking slowly in thought. "Might be it? Seems to fit, but not completely sure. It was only the once I've been in her head. Adam sent her to me to train my ability." Picking up her now empty plate, Kaylee heads to the sink. "As for the other guy, I'm sure you'll understand if I don't tell you?" She's not about to risk her chance at getting fixed, by giving that information away. "I'd rather not betray his confidence." She glances at Doyle hoping he gets the hint to stay quiet as well. "I figure most people coming through here don't want to be found out most of the time… though seems it can't always be avoided."

"I don't care what he said," Doyle murmurs darkly around a bite of salisbury steak, glancing over to Kaylee, "I don't trust him. I know what I saw, whatever he said, and like the scorpion said to the fox, 'I am a scorpion. You should have known that, whatever I said'."

"Scorpion needs a ride across the river, fox says it'll sting him and they'll drown. Scorpion says he won't, so fox gives the ride," Cat remarks. "Halfway across, scorpion stings fox. As they both start to sink, the fox asks 'Why did you do that? Now we'll both drown.' 'It's in my nature.' But Cat doesn't ask about the visitor again. She moves on.

"I can't prove it, but Adam was once locked away for thirty years because he reportedly tried to let loose a very dangerous virus. One that a former associate of his, Kazimir Volken, stole from an outfit called the Company. Volken's group modified it, with the intent of release. Stopping his plan was how the Verrazano Narrows bridge fell."

Hand pausing on the handle of the faucet, Kaylee turns and glares at Doyle, "Right now, he's my only option and if you hadn't noticed… I'm kind of short on time. You have any ideas?" Her tone sharper then she usually uses with the puppeteer. "Cause I'm willing to entertain them."

Turning back to the sink, the telepath jerks the water on to rinse the crumbs off her plate. "I've heard that as well… recently really." Kaylee speaks up some to be heard over the running water. Twisting around enough so that she can look back at Cat, "The Shanti virus am I right?" The water shuts off and the plate is set in the sink for washing later. "I've heard about the Company too… and their founders." Leaning over she snags a dish towel so that she can dry her hands off, her expression thoughtful. "Never heard about this Volken character tho."

"I know who he was talking about," says Doyle, his lips pursing in a tight line as he looks back at Kaylee, "I saw him, now and again, walking through. They told stories about him. They say he doesn't even have a name, Kaylee. He's one of Them through and through, and you're going— going to let him into your head? There's got to be somebody else." The last softer, almost worried.

Her eyes move from man to woman and back again a few times as they speak and she stays silent. Cat doesn't offer commentary on anything they discuss; in fact she doesn't quite get who's being spoken of except to notice it seems dangerous and involves mental access. Added to Kaylee's talk of not having much time, and what she'd heard of her being sick.

When she speaks, she at first sticks to the topic of Adam and things spoken of earlier in connection to him. "Shanti virus," Cat confirms, "combined with a virus intended to help give SLC abilities to people without them which caused biorejection. Complete cellular breakdown. Kazimir Volken was a Nazi, he was that old. Moved into the body of an FBI agent sometime in the sixties. Do you remember that murder spree last autumn, people were just turned to dust? That was Kazimir. He just literally sucked the life out of people."

"Evidence is Adam was connnected to him in the past. And he himself is also one of the Company's founders. I'm told he killed at least one, Kaito Nakamura, and is the most likely person connected to a string of others. Having been around Adam, you may or may not know about that."

"You've no real reason to trust me," Cat adds quietly, "but there's value in comparing notes to some degree. The choice is yours."

Studying the big man, Kaylee seems to actually consider his words, he hasn't exactly given her a reason not too. "Maybe.. But you told me once that I go to them." She gives him a smirk, knowing that he probably wasn't serious about that. "It looking like I can't avoid it in one way or another." She gives the big man a pointed look and the next words are for him only. I don't want to die, Eric. That might be the only way. There is a grin for Doyle then as she adds, "Don't worry, I'll try not to get you involved."

The towel is tossed onto the counter, before she moves back to sit in her chair, "I've heard… Adam was a Nazi, too… maybe that is the connection?" Kaylee asks a brow arching. "I will give you one bit of information, mostly because I'm starting to doubt my involvement some." There is a small pause, a glance given to the puppeteer, before she offers to Cat, "He is trying to kill all the founders. And he's killed two I know of… and if he killed this Kaito… then three." She lifts her hands to stave off an obvious question, "However, I have no idea his next target. I didn't even know what we were doing until we were there. He's good about keeping his people in the dark."

The reminder of what's at risk causes Doyle's lips to pull into a thin line; his head ducking a bit, shaking as he stirs the corn section of the TV dinner with the tines of his fork. "Your funeral," he says flippantly, stabbing a pea, holding it up as he offers her a closed-mouthed smile and then pops it into his mouth.

"I'm not concerned about the Founders of that Company at all," Cat remarks dryly. "If they all cancel each other out, the world will have lost nothing. If the Company crashes and burns, the world should have a giant celebration over it. Roast marshmallows in the ashes of their facilities. All the Company is about is locking people away forever without trial and using them as guinea pigs. If they had any redeeming value they'd be building places in the deserts, in isolated areas, for people to train safely with their abilities. Instead they choose to lock away whoever they decide is dangerous, hire those they can get to cooperate with kidnapping and illegal imprisonment, and the rest? The rest are marked like zoo animals and tossed out with a memory hole."

"Even Adam Monroe, for all I believe he's guilty of, deserved a fair and public trial. And yes," Cat agrees, "I buy him having been a Nazi. It makes the link to Kazimir fit, and the way both he and Volken tried to use viruses, it smells like Hitler's final solution on steroids."

"Well aware of that." Kaylee says to Doyle blandly, even though she returns that smile. "Thanks. See if I sneak you my share of cookies again." She teases him before turning her attention to the safe house guest.

"Tell us how you really feel." Kaylee sounds just as amused as she looks. "Well… if you all… stay out of his way, Adam will continue to take them out, though I have no idea what he'll do next once he's done. He told me he wanted to fix things… but from what I've been hearing from people his solutions may be bad for everyone involved, except him." Her eyes drop to the table and her lips tug down slightly into a frown, as her expression saddens for a moment. Little by little.. the realizations are coming.

"That's why I'm here, at least in part," Cat states in reply to Kaylee. "He's free, and he could be up to dangerous things which may eventually require counteraction. But now is not yet that time. He's put Refrain on the street, I've heard, which is nasty. Heinous. But the word is also out about its dangers and how easily it addicts. People who choose to take it are responsible for their own situations."

The mention of Refrain, from her own lips, seems to have made Cat pensive. The evidence has been there before, when Kaylee peered into her head. How clear things she remembered were. How she could recall a long string like that Pi calculation without missing a beat. Now comes another piece.

"People who are capable of forgetting just don't realize that's a blessing sometimes. Using a drug to overcome it is madness."

The mention of Refrain makes Kaylee grimaces. Obviously, she doesn't think much of it. "God Refrain. That is a nasty bit of business." She agrees with a slow nods, her lips pulled into a tight smile. "I was there when we pulled it out of Pinehearst. Should have been left there if you ask me.. I saw those… things created there." And her mind they were things, the human part of them had been gone, she had seen in the head of one. "and I was there when Adam sold it to Liu and his group." She chuckles slightly, but there is no humor to it. Fingers, which tremble slightly, move to tuck hair behind her ear. "Maybe it's cause of my own beliefs.. but putting Refrain on the street was one of the worst things Adam could do. Especially, considering where it came from."

These are actually things that Eric doesn't know about, so he looks up a bit; listening as he polishes off his meal, the last bits of brownie licked off the fork before he sets the fork down upon the plastic tray and leans slowly back, shifting in discomfort before settling.

"You're a smart woman…" Cat begins, trailing off because she doesn't have a name to address Kaylee by. It's perhaps a subtle prompt to provide one, despite not having done so herself. In Cat's head, the blonde already knows who she is from the way Adam spoke of the Chesterfields and she responded to that.

"I might have told you what I knew of Adam earlier, worked to find you and lay it all out, but I don't think you'd have been ready to hear," she opines quietly. "Sometimes someone just has to get there on her own."

"I'm Cat," she offers, "but I think you already knew that."

"Sometimes we're strong armed into seeing the big picture." Kaylee's words are flat and she doesn't offer much more of an explanation for it. "And your right, I wouldn't have. Adam has treated me like a daughter, and I let him." She glances down again and sighs, "Don't get me wrong, when I think about him, the feeling is still there. I think to a point it will be… but," Her eyes lift again and she smiles a bit lopsidedly. "But I'm starting to think what he wants… is not exactly what I want… though " she gives a short chuckle, " I am not sure what I want anymore cause of it."

A part of her seems to hesitate when Cat offers her name, and she almost gives her that god awful name she was saddled with, but… "Kaylee…. and yeah, I did." She gives Cat a sheepish smile.

"My uncle treated me like a son," Doyle says quietly and suddenly, his attention busy with the ceiling, "He wanted me to see the big picture too. He wasn't a father. Neither is Adam. The only picture that matters is in here…" A hand lifts, touching his brow, then lowering carefully back to his side.

"My Father and I didn't always get along. Mother says he purposefully did things he knew I would rebel against just to make me rebel, to become my own woman." Cat's voice is somber now, bittersweet and perhaps a touch mournful. "Despite all our issues, he's still Father. He died at Pinehearst."

She lapses to silence for a moment while shaking that off, moving on to ask "What do you need to get well, Kaylee?"

"The man that donated to my existence.. was blown up in Midtown." Kaylee doesn't feel much for her real father… "Either way.. " She waves it off with a shrug like it's no big deal, cause to her it really isn't. "I don't know what I need to get well." The blond admits blandly. "I only just really got an an idea of why I am sick… even at that it's a wild guess, but the evidence points to it." Fingers tap the table lightly on the table, her head tilting to look at Cat, "But if my guess is correct… then I have to learn to distrust Adam and learn about him." Her lips pull into a smile, knowing how silly it sounds. "Again… it's a guess."
"Alternatively," Doyle suggests in a drawl, rolling his head down on his neck to give her a pointed look, brows raised, "We could always kill him."

She's thinking now, to get her brain around Kaylee's illness. "What do you think the cause of it is? Someone gave you an allergy to Adam Monroe?" Cat isn't mocking, she's asking in a serious tone. It seems she very much believes it possible and is thinking of ways to do so.

"And how you plan to go about that?" Kaylee asks the puppeteer blandly, brows lifting a bit as if waiting. "I watched him get blown apart into pieces and still survived. Somehow I don't think killing him is much of an option." Her expression challenges him to say otherwise.

At first she doesn't look away from Doyle, her arms crossing. "Persuasion." Kaylee gives as an answer to Cat's question. "Susan Amman." Only then her eyes move over to Cat to see if the name is familiar to the other woman, "And in a way, yes… I was made allergic to Adam Monroe…" Chuckling, her head shakes slowly. "Interesting way to put it."

"Personally?" Doyle's brows lift, one hand raising haltingly to point at his chest as if uncertain she's asking him how he'd kill Adam, "Oh, I wouldn't actually kill him— I mean, not per se. No, I'd have him walk into a cement mixer, and then pour a nice foundation for a school playground somewhere." A faint smile curves his lips, "Or maybe have him climb into a woodchipper— or a lion's den. I wonder if he could regenerate from digestion…"

"September 7th. She was cut down at night along with two bodyguards on the steps of the LA County Courthouse," Cat supplies. "Her job was as a DA in Receda. The press chalked her murder up to pro-evolved gang violence."

Silence, then, as she considers the power Kaylee believes was used. Ah, Kinson. Hell of a time to be on walkabout again. Inwardly she laments over this, and the death of Sonny Bianco. Were it not for Humanis First, these two could be given new identities.

"Are you feeling less sick, being away from him now? I'll keep my eyes open for someone with that ability." Maybe she'll get lucky and Kinson will turn up at the perfect time.

"You are truly twisted when you want to be." Kaylee comments softly to Doyle, before looking at Cat. "That's her… I know for certain her ability is persuasion, but there are so many types. I can use persuasion. Nothing like this… but that was my mistake. I looked at her ability like mine. I didn't see what was happening till others in Adam's gang pointed it out to me."

Her hands spread slightly with a bit of a shrug. Kaylee sighs heavily, laning forward on her arms. "As for how I'm feeling… I'm not getting any better, but it isn't getting much worse." Unless she starts defending him again, but she doesn't get into it. "For awhile it was looking bad, so it's slowed down. It's something, but far from fixed."

The smile fades. "Funny," Eric drawls, "I was going to say that about you and Adam." That said, he picks up his tray, slowly rising to his feet and tottering over to the garbage can.

She rises from her seat as if preparing to head out. "I'll look for some solutions, Kaylee," she offers, "and try to make arrangements for the healer, Jason."

Lips press together, at Doyle's jab and she looks like she's going to say something nasty… instead… "Hey, Jason. You might check your cot. I asked one of the groups going out to bring you some things. Maybe you can teach the kids to make puppets." Glancing at his back briefly, Kaylee looks slightly smug. "Couldn't get them to go back to the theater… but… maybe the stuff they got you will be something, huh?"

When Cat raises to her feet, so does Kaylee. "She spoke to me when I breached her defenses… of course, she let me through really. I heard her thoughts… and I knew something happened. Didn't realizes what till later on." She steps away from her chair and pushes it in. "I appreciate any help, Cat. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to lay down a bit."

The fork clatters into the sink, the tray into the garbage, and 'Jason' washes his hands briefly in the former before stepping slowly along towards the door. A glance back to the others, and he nods mutely to Kaylee before walking back out towards his cot, expression rather sullen, as if she'd hurt his feelings.

'Jason's' reaction to something Kaylee said was noticed, but not commented on. Having said her parting words to them both, Cat makes her way out of McRae's safehouse and heads back to Manhattan by boat. Along the way she muses inwardly on using the photos she took to secure information through Hana.

She also takes a few moments to think of 'Jason' and compare his shape with the shape of the large man in the Brill painting.

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