An Apple A Day


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Scene Title An Apple A Day
Synopsis Doesn't keep Dr. Bianco away. Sonny and Abby make good on a promise to Teo.
Date May 25, 2009

Bianco Clinic

It's RICH looking.

Sonny does own a very nice Mercedes, but he's driving her to the clinic in an old, nondescript sedan. He switched to Connor's face to exit the building, but returned to his own after they're a block away. Can't be too careful, especially since Homeland Security might know about them by way of Lucrezia.

"How're you feeling? I'll try to move as quickly as possible on the tests. I'll need to see you again when you're feeling a hundred per cent so I can get a baseline." The care cruises towards the Upper East Side, towards the high rise that is the home of The Bianco Clinic.

"Tired" She didn't need help moving about on her own, though sure there was Teodoro hovering happening. Her scooter was sure to find it's magical way back to her place. "Doing this to make him happy. But I'm sure you know that" She was parked in the passenger side, resting her head against the glass. "If there's someone at the clinic, you can do whatever you need, I can heal someone and then you can do it again. If that'll help" As for when she's all 100 percent. Abby just looks over. "I'm not going to be… 100 percent, for.. a long time Sonny. you know this yes? Or do you mean.. physically?"

Sonny re-grips the steering wheel, then, "Physically. So I can check for vitamin deficiencies, low blood sugar, hormone levels, that sort of thing. Compare it to when you're depleted. Then I can prescribe you supplements and design a diet."

He inhales. "I hope you're not doing this just for Teo, Abby. I really can help you. Once I've got you on a good diet, you're likely to recover a lot faster after you heal. You'll probably be exhausted directly after, but you'll bounce back pretty quick."

"Yes and no. There was.. a doctor Mohinder Suresh. He .. saw me, right after Sylar tried to take away my ability" Ability, she's calling it, not her faith "Christmas eve. He was going to help, but I doubt he was going to do what your offering" But it would be good. If she's going to be an EMT, and if she uses it on people, enough to get them stabilized. "part of it.. is to.. it will help me get better. I promise Sonny, it's not all trying to make Teo happy. I learned.. a lot.. from Staten Island. And Caffeine withdrawl…" Well, it goes without saying, it sucks.

Sonny pulls over the car about a half a block from the building. He doesn't have the garage key to take the car into the underground parking lot.
"Caffeine…well, it's just as well. It's a drug, Abby. It was artificially pumping you up. If I get you on a good diet, then you'll be stronger. Your system will be able to withstand using your ability."

He gets out of the car and circles around to open up her door, and to offer a hand down if she needs it. Then he fishes into his pocket for a magnetic swipe key. He inputs the code to open the door.

"I know" Mu-Qian had somewhat given that mini lecture, and she was learning the hard way on her way back to good health. "It helps that Dr. Yee said no caffeine unless necessary. Makes it easier to resist" She doesn't need the help out of the car, but she takes it, because a gentleman offered. She releases moments after she's out and follows beside him, shoulder low and feet dragging.

The lights are low in the lobby, but not so low that it's difficult to see. Sonny has to punch in another code to get the elevator to open, but soon they're riding up towards the darkened clinic. As they ride up, he murmurs, "Did I make a mistake calling you? Were you really strong enough to do this?"

"If I didn't have it in me Sonny, I would have told you to take him to a hospital. It's not like, healing will kill me" Mind you, it would have, frankly, at some point, if they hadn't have fetched her. She leans against the elevator wall, watching the floor numbers creep by. "I'd be better, if I hadn't healed myself of stuff. But you need me worn out. I'm not worn worn out, for that I need to be unconscious. But I'm good and tired, it's a little tougher to do right now"

"Well, that should be enough. I just need to determine what exactly gets depleted when you're healing." The elevator dings and Sonny steps out into the clinic. He offers a hand back to her in case she needs the support. "I'm going to draw some blood, take a few of your vitals. Then I'll drive you home, all right?"

'Sounds Delightful" She doesn't need the support, though as they exit and make their way into the clinic, there's a glance cast at the front desk. "She doesn't like me. I don't look like your usual client. If you hadn't have come out, she would have told me to get lost"

"I know. She's a bitch, but the clients like her because most of them are bitches too," Sonny grins as they pass through the darkened office. He flicks on a light as they enter an examination room. He motions to the chair. It looks more like something a dentist would use rather than a surgeon.

Dentists. Another thing she's never had to really visit. Or at least when she does, it's a perfect visit every time, just perhaps a light cleaning. "Oh" At that revelation. Bitches like bitches. Go figure. Out of her jacket she peels herself, purse as well, deposited somewhere to hang and if not hang, then at least over the back of something before up on the chair she slumps herself. It looks comfortable, lord it feels comfortable. she could just fall asleep right there.

Maybe, if Sonny wasn't pushing her sleeve up and tugging on a tourniquet. He wheels over a metal tray with vials and a blood collection needle. He opens the packaging. "Just relax. This will only take a minute." He finds a vein easily enough, and with the skill of someone who has done this a thousand times before, he draws out four vials of blood.

Which is about the only thing that keeps her from doing just that when she's laying back. Look away look away! Anywhere but at that thing being shoved in her easy to find vein. They just stick out that easily. Her discomfort written all over her face, she hates that. Doesn't mind it when it's happening to someone else, but to her it's a whole different story. "Did he apologize?"

Sonny tugs out the needle, swabs the area, then tapes a cotton ball to the injection site to stop any bleeding. He snaps the band off and tugs her sleeve down. "Yeah, he apologized." A beat, "…twice. Listen…I…hope it doesn't make you uncomfortable. Both of us try not to let anyone see." For a lot of reasons, one of which is that no one knows about them. Just Lucrezia and her.

He wheels his chair over and pulls out a stethoscope. "Take a deep breath." The cold metal disc rests on her chest as he puts the sides into his ears.

Why do they assuem it makes her uncomfortable? maybe fi she caught them both naked in bed having at it she would be uncomfortable. Inhale, hold, exhale, rinse and repeat as many times as the plastic surgeon needs. "Your both adults. That you found each other in this city and that you like each other, love each other even, is good enough for me. I know, that.. that people think i'm intolerant and I'm close minded but.." There's a tired shake of her head. "your both adults and I can only hope god see's fit to send me someone liek somehow he sent Teo you"

Sonny shakes his head. "That's…not what I meant, Abby. And I know people who have no problem with…" He has a hard time saying the word. He doesn't like the label. "…still aren't comfortable seeing it. And I can understand that. We're very private, so it's all right." He makes a few notations on a clipboard. "There, all done. I'm just going to put these samples away and I'll bring you home."

"I won't tell, if that's what you mean Sonny" There's a glance of blue eyes meeting his. "he told me the same thing. Not to tell anyone. It's not my business. Far as it concerns me, you and he, are… friends" Privacy. That's what it is.

"As far as everyone else is concerned, Teo and I barely even know each other." Sonny gives a small little smile. "It's safer. That…face…I had on in the car. That's the face I'm using with Phoenix and the Ferrymen now. They set me up with papers and everything." He's not sure why he decided to tell her. Maybe he just wants someone else to know his secrets.

oh. oh. Abby blinks a little before, a little dopily she raises her forefinger and thumb to mimic zipping closed her lips. "I don't think I was even paying attention, in the car" But now she knows how to work around the relationship in public. "Sonny?"

Sonny puts labels on her blood and fills out information on the chart. He glances over at Abby. "Mmmyeah?"

"Thank you for Dr.Yee. She's been a big help. The pills she gave me, they help a lot too. I don't think I'd be.. able to go to work, or my classes or anything really. Thank you too for.. for putting a smile on the dumb Sicilians face. He needs that too"

"I'm glad Dr. Yee is helping. She's…well, we need more people like her." Sonny goes to the tap and scrubs his hands. "I try to. But we fight a lot." He wipes his hands off on a towel. "Seems fighting is the way we communicate." A beat, "C'mon. It's getting late. I'll get you home."

"Can I just sleep here? It's really comfortable" Half joke, half truth. How does something like this feel more comfortable than her new bed. But up she pulls herself, schlepping towards her bag and jacket. "nothing worth fighting for is ever easy Sonny"

"I would let you, but then you'd wake up to my assistants glaring at you," Sonny grins and holds out her jacket for her to slip on. "I really do appreciate you coming. I…know you've been through a lot." He flicks off lights as he heads back towards the elevator.

"Right, Trisha" That's enough to throughout discourage that thought even though she was already up. So off beside Sonny she shuffles, bound to fall asleep in the car until he's got her safely home and from there, her apartment security is more than willing to take care of her from here and get her up to her place.

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