An Artsy Endeavor


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Scene Title An Artsy Endeavor
Synopsis Rupe meets with Isabelle and Hagan to discuss the missing Brill paintings.
Date February 14, 2009

Carmichael Manor

A general call went out around Shedda for anyone who was interested in a little recon to come and see Rupe. Given Hagan is a little uneasy about the more violent side of the organization, this seemed like an ideal way to get his feet wet.

The Irishman is sitting in Rupe's office, slouched in one of the big high back chairs. He's got a funny look on his face as he examines the archaic books stacked to the ceiling. There's a coffee at his elbow, but he hasn't touched it in a little while. The bossman isn't there yet.

Lounging in another chair not to fair from Hagan is Isabelle, dressed in a pair of dark pants and a white top, she has her hair in a ponytail and her eyes are at the door waiting for Rupe to make his appearance. "Happy Valentine's Day, Hag." Izzy winks and brushes a few strands of hair out of her eyes.

Hagan twitches at the word 'Valentine's.' "Right. Right. The disgusting chocolatey holiday." He picks at a few bits of fluff on his jacket. "How're things at the bar anyway? Hope you don't have so many refugees now that the curfew's been pushed back."

The sound of echoing footsteps in the cavernous house sounds a good minute or so before Rupe enters with a manilla folder in his hands. "Isabelle, Hagan. Good to see you both. Sorry to kepe you waiting."

A laugh escapes Isabelle, "Ah yes.. the chocolate today." She looks at the door and then back to Hagan, "Nah, kicked the rest of them out. That curfew is not helping business /at all/ though." When Rupe enters the bar owner nods her head at him. "Hello there."

Hagan nods to Rupe and follows the academic as he moves to the front of the room. "So this is some kind of hunting mission, uh?"

"Yes, yes it is. And I'll get right to it. I'd imagine you'd both prefer not to be around here all day," Rupe gives one of his warm little smiles. Given it's Love Day and all. He drops the folder on his desk. "I want you two to see what you can find about a series of paintings that have been stolen from Daniel Linderman. Five of them, painted by a man named Thomas Brill." He looks between them both and holds up a hand. "…now, you might be wondering why I'm sending you after art. And it's not for my own collection, I assure you. These paintings…are prophetic. And I don't need to tell you both that having a glimpse into the future could greatly help our cause."

"Prophetic? Must be big things if you are interested in them." Izzy comments and nods. "We talking a little breaking and entering? I haven't done that in a while." Isabelle cracks her knuckles and looks to Rupe.

"I don't know what it will entail precisely, Isabelle. Likely theft, yes. I need you to find out who has the paintings first. They've been sold individually to buyers all around the city. Ideally we would like to have them, but a photograph of them would also suffice if removal proves to be impossible. I'll provide you with a compact, high resolution camera." Rupe shuffles through a few pieces of paper.

Hagan looks thoughtful, but nods. Stealing something that was stolen is low on the list of morally objectionable things.

"Only lead we have is Linderman?" Izzy crosses her legs and leans in. "Because to pinpoint exactly where those paintings are will be.. well slightly difficult. Without more information." Isabelle is up to the challenge of course.

"I'm going to see what further information I can find, but that's all I have for now," Rupe looks between them. "Keep an ear out. Hagan, I'd imagine you'd know a few people in the art world. I saw your exhibition at the Vector Gallery a few months back. You know dealers, don't you?"

Hagan shifts in his seat. "Well yes, yes I do. But they might look at me strange if I ask about stolen paintings. But…I'll see what I can do."

"I'll be on the lookout and as soon as more information is given then we'll be good to start to find them." Isabelle smiles at Rupe, "This sounds fun my friend." She offers and lays her warm hand on her leg as she speaks. "How is the SCOUT operation coming along?"

"We're stalled out a little on SCOUT at the moment. The business with the bridge means there's a few more important avenues to pursue while there's the opportunity. Speak to Huruma and Julian if you want to know more." Rupe stands again. "I'm sorry for the brief meeting, but I have to get on a conference call with LA in about ten minutes. Thank you both for coming, and the minute I get any new information, I'll be sure to pass it along. In the meantime, do what you can."

Hagan nods and stands. "I need a smoke. I'll talk to you about this soon, Iz." Then he lifts a lazy salute towards Rupe and meanders for the door.

"See ya later boys." Isabelle says as she rises and makes her way to the door.

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