An Awkward Conversation


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Scene Title An Awkward Conversation
Synopsis The title says it all…. Seriously, just read.
Date September 23, 2009

Magnes' Room

Later in the afternoon, Magnes actually isn't expecting anyone over, he's got a night of setting up cameras to do. But at the moment he's working out, just in his jeans as he raises and swings the large metallic pole, then starts on the more complex movements of twirling and thrusting. Claire has a key by now anyway, so if she feels like walking in on a shirtless Magnes in the middle of combat training, so be it!

There is the soft sound of a key in the lock, before it cracks open allowing Claire to peek into the room to make sure he is there. She starts to disappears behind the door again, before she stops and stares. There is no sound from the former cheerleader as she watches Magnes for a… well, a good long while. At least till she shakes herself out of her shock, then she slips into the room the rest of the way, shutting the door silently.

She's dressed in a close fitting dark long sleeved button shirt, a pair of nice black pants and a nice pair of heels. Her hair is left down for the most part, one side is pulled away from her face with a clip. She obviously dressed up for her visit. She continues to watch him, waiting for him to notice her.

Magnes, without noticing her, suddenly jumps into the air, runs across the ceiling, then starts to drop the pole down where Claire has stopped. Luckily, he stops in mid air, about a foot from actually hitting her. "Oh, right, key, I forgot I gave you a key…" he says with an awkward flushing of his cheeks, still in his suspended position in the air. "I, uh, you get the flowers?"

There is a small smile on her lips at she looks up at Magnes, her eyes looking at him, not the pole. A brow arches slightly, there is a smug little smile as she holds up the key for a moment, tucking it into her pocket. "Hey." Her eyes travel over his form as he continues to be suspended there. His question make suddenly glance away shyly. "I did. Thank you, they were sweet." Her eyes glance back up at him. "I catch you at a bad time." She motions over her shoulder at the door. "I could come back later."

"No, it's alright, I was just practicing." Magnes finally lowers himself, laying the pole against the wall, which she's likely inexplicably noticed before. "That's kind've, uh, my melee weapon of choice. It's what I chose while Hiro was training me in Japan." Walking back over to her, he leans in to give her a light peck on the lips, then sits on his bed and turns the TV on. "So, I had a pretty awkward talk with my therapist. She, uh, basically gave me sex ed, but with a detailed How-To added on. So now I know all about stuff like, uh, the Grunberg spot. I'm not even sure why I'm telling you, but it seems weird to discuss sex with another woman and then not say anything."

The kiss is warmly received and returned, Claire even starts following him to the bed… then he mentions sex talks with therapists and Claire kind of stumbles to a stop. "You… what?" She gasps out in surprise, her cheeks flaring bright red. Her mouth opens and closes a few times as she tries to think of what to say to that. She moves slowly to sit on the bed next to him, still looking rather stunned.

"I mean, she offered to teach me, when I first started talking about, well, us. But I wouldn't take her up on it, it was just too weird." Magnes lays back on his elbows, staring over at her, even if still a touch red. "But yesterday I just decided to bite the bullet and hear what she had to say. It was… interesting. Sooo… I'm guessing a subject change is in order?"

The heat in her cheeks just won't go away and the young regenerator can't seem to look at object of her boyfriend. Rubbing the palms over her hands on her thighs nervously, Claire clears her throat. "I… ah…. " The little terrorist is all tied up about the subject. She won't hesitate to put a bullet in someone, or throw herself off a building.. but damn it all if she can talk to Magnes about sex. Claire knows that that she can't avoid the subject forever. "I…. just don't know what to say." So she goes with honesty.

"Don't worry about it, they don't even know if the Grunberg spot exists." Magnes sits up and wraps an arm around her waist, kissing her cheek. "So why don't you tell me what you did this week?"

Leaning against him, Claire hesitates a moment before letting a hand glide across his chest as she returns his embrace. Letting her cheek rest on his bare shoulder, Claire is still blushing since… well… she can't quit thinking about what he said. "I haven't really done much. I came over to say I'm sorry… for arguing and all that. You didn't deserve it." Her eyes watch her own fingers run over bare skin. "And to thank you for the flowers, that was really sweet of you."

"It's alright, I really shouldn't have pushed you on the subject. I still don't blame you for what happened, and I really don't think you should blame yourself, but I won't try to change what you think. I can only hope you'll eventually forgive yourself." Magnes looks down at his chest, with her hand on it, and despite his attempts at playing it cool, his heart is pounding like a jackhammer. "Abby says that when a couple fights, it means they're opening up and getting closer."

"You think so?" Claire asks, her voice distracted, as her mind can't shake the fact he's shirtless.. Damn that therapist. Her cheeks manage to get darker and she pulls away, dropping her hand in her lap. "I mean about what Abigail said?" Hands get pressed against the tops of her thighs to stop herself from touching, "About it meaning we're getting closer? I mean.. I've never told anyone about the Peter thing…" Her heart seems to thunder in her own chest, she tries to will it calm.

"I think we're getting closer…" Magnes admits, legs crossed on the bed as he stares down at them, somewhat avoiding eye contact due to all the awkward. "We haven't known each other long, but we've opened up a lot. I'm just sorry I don't know more of what I should be doing. Sometimes, like right now, I feel like you're waiting for me to do or say something and I can't figure it out."

"You and me both," Claire says in agreement, glancing at him and giving him a slight twitch of a smile. "I… " She leans towards him a bit, "…worry I'm not doing the right things. I'm… nervous about the things I do." Feet shuffle nervously on the floor, while hands move to hook over her knees. "Worried I'm not doing what you want." Looking away and down she takes a deep breath and lefts it out slowly. "Not wanting to say the wrong things either."

"I'm worried about the same stuff though. I'm fine with you just being here, and us talking and opening up and I mean the making out is awesome too. I don't really have any expectations. I mean, there's plenty I want to do, but I only asked you about it once and you said you weren't ready and that was that." Magnes reaches over to place a hand on her shoulder, gently pulling her over. "When I say something's alright, it's alright. You're not gonna upset me for saying what's on your mind, and you don't need to worry about living up to some expectations I don't even have."

"I know, Magnes." Claire says with just a touch of a whine as she's pulled against him again. "But your a guy. You do have certain expectations… I've dated a few… and often it came down to this point in the relationship." Her hand brushes down the muscles of his torso before they both settles around his waist. Her cheeks colors again as she murmurs, "Though I think, I'm more ready then I was all those others times, but still… "

Magnes smiles, shaking his head as his abdomen tenses up a bit at the touch of her hand. "I wouldn't really call them expectations exactly, it's more, stuff I'd like to do whenever you're ready. I mean, you don't think I'm gonna leave you over it, do you? And I'm certainly not gonna cheat on you. God knows I've been given more than enough opportunities…" He lets out a deep sigh, his smile forming again as he looks over at her. "That stuff just doesn't mean as much as us being together, you have to believe me on that. When you're ready, you're ready, but you're not, and that's alright with me, okay?"

Looking up at him, Claire tilts her head to the side, her eyes trailing over his features. "Thank you for understanding, Magnes." There is a moment of hesitation before she moves to slowly pull a knee up onto the bed, so that she can get up to his level and lean in to kiss him. A hand trails up from where it was on his waist to rest along his jaw, her thumb brushing at his cheek. When she pulls away some, finally, she whispers, "You mean it? That it's more important that we are together?"

"I don't say anything I don't mean, Claire." Magnes leans in to gently press his forehead against her's. "I'll wait ten years if you make me, I'm fine with how we are. How about I take you out to eat before I have to go out tonight?"

Arms drape over his shoulders as their foreheads meet, that smile of her on her lips, "Yeah, lets go out and get a bit. I've got a craving for some Mexican." Her head tilts up so that she can place a kiss on his forehead before pulling away so she can stand, holding out a hand. She gives her fingers a wiggle. "Come on.. Though… better put on a shirt first, wouldn't want too many girls drooling over my guy."

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