An Early Christmas


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Scene Title An Early Christmas
Synopsis Brian brings Adam in for a surprise, Adam gets miffed.
Date Friday October 9 2009

"I've always wanted to ask you. Being a million years old, what is the harshest winter you've ever faced?"

The question is asked upon Adam's arrival at the industrial park. Warehouses, both used and abandoned are scattered about, but in the immediate vicinity is an old storage facility. Being a little bit away from the bulk of the City, a few stars are allowed to peak through the vast blackness that overshadows the area.

But helping obscure the other sparkles of light are the invisible clouds which drop the light drizzle of rain. Slapping against the stone of the storage garages, and the mud surrounding it, the rain creates a gentle background melody for the meet.

Brian doesn't seem to mind the rain, he is dressed in a pure black suit, buttoned up all the way. A pair of black leather gloves adorning his hands. His back rests against the moist wall adjacent to the storage garage that seems to be of interest. "And where was it?"
Adam left his couple men with the SUV not terribly far away. He walked along the warehouses with a black umbrella which appears rather sturdy and well made for an umbrella. At any rate, his steps are careful and measured and he pauses when he sees Brian who greets him with a question about winters. He is quiet for several moments before he says, "It would seem," he begins, "That that would be one of the least interesting questions a person could ask." he shrugs a shoulder lightly, "It would be hard to say, there were a lot of bad winters and I didn't spend a lot of time in tropical climates."

"The most least interesting question would be asking what your personal thoughts on… well, anything." Shoving himself away from the slab, he takes a step over to reach down and grab onto the handle of the storage garage. "I've read books about men who live forever, I've seen Tuck Everlasting." The man notes as he goes to heave the sliding door up. "They're all more out of touch with normal human affairs. Finding themselves above them and whatnot, after reaching a certain age." The sliding garage swings up, revealing a mostly empty storage container. "You seem to be out of touch with a lot of things. You don't care about most lives, all that bla bla. But for some reason you're oddly interested in some things." He pauses, glancing over his shoulder. "And none of those characters played at being mob bosses either." He shrugs, gesturing a black gloved hand into the storage container…

Once the garage is fully opened, the loud hum of a generator can be heard. The generator is visible, a fuel drums of gasoline next to it. But the generator's purpose is obviously for the horizontal container at the far end of the storage unit.

"After you."

Adam mms, "How insightful, Mr. Winters. I'm sure you think there's a painting of me getting uglier and uglier somewhere too." he glances towards Brian for a moment before glancing towards the storage facility and walks into the unit, though sliding a bit towards the right to put a step or so of diagnol space away, "On the other hand, I wouldn't rely of the authenticity of a book on the Chinese written by a person who had never been to China." he pauses somewhere near the container, "So…what is it we have here."

"Adam. You're plenty ugly enough already." Brian smiles sweetly, before going to rest his back against the wall standing next to the container. It is held close by a lid, and when Adam approaches he will feel the cold emitting from it. "Like I said, an early Christmas present. So since I got yours early, maybe you could get mine early, too? Have you seen those little robot dogs? I would like one of them. Or a fog machine. Or hell, both would be just fantastic." He glances over to the unit before grimacing.

"Shit, I almost forgot." Reaching into his coat, a red bow-ribbon is pulled out and placed on top of the container. Like a proper christmas present. "There fully gift-wrapped. Go ahead." Brian smiles, motioning for Adam to open it.

Adam blinks slowly towards Brian, apparently not really getting into the holiday mood. He considers the container and lays the umbrella gently against the wall. Meanwhile, he reaches towards the container and moves to open it, whether that be through lifting some sort of handle or just pulling up the top of it.

The container turns out to be a refrigeration unit, or more specifically a freezer. And in it is a lot of ice. And in that ice is a dead body. A corpse Adam would more than likely recognize. Victoria Pratt. Paler and more ghostly than ever, lifeless on her final resting place of ice.

"Surprise!" Brian yells brightly, flinging his arms out as if it was a celebration. Taking a step to the side, he peers down at the body and smirks a little bit before glancing to Adam. "What exactly was her ability? Whatever it was, it doesn't do well against bullets or knives."

Adam blinks lightly at the body, there is a profound frown upon his features as he studies the boddy. Two fingers reach out and slide his fingers across her forehead and down her face slowly, pulling at rigid lips gently. Then he leans back against the wall and looks towards Brian and says, "Did you kill her?" he questions, "If you did…why did you? And if you didn't..who did?"

"For you, silly. Granted, it would have been better if I could have kept her alive and brought her in this little dark hole so you could shoot her yourself." He gives a 'what you gonna do' shrug, "But she wasn't being very compliant at all. Especially with that kid of hers being in danger." He looks down at the body, his humorous expression fading into something more somber. "Isn't this what you wanted? Dead founders?" He arches a quizzical brow.

Adam tilts his head to one side, indicating that the answer is 'sort of'. "Of course, I don't recall telling you that." he says. "Nor am I clear on how you found her." there's a certain deadpan solemnity to his tone. He glances back up towards Brian, "She had a child?" there's a puzzled sort of interest there, which is tinged with what might seem like an odd emotion, worry.

"Adopted. Ran off. I'm sure someone will find him and turn him into child services." Brian smiles lightly. "Maybe as you're growing old your memory is starting to fail you." He goes to shut the freezer back down. "Or maybe you didn't tell me. But due to my nature, I go above and beyond the call of duty. The extra mile, all that. And I found her because…" He holds his hands out, palms facing Adam in a 'come on' gesture. "I'm that good, if you can't tell by now." Going to tuck his hands into his coat pockets, he takes a step away from the freezer back towards the night air. "She's all yours. Pay your respects and do with the body whatever you would like. You can make the Company think you killed her yourself, if that's what you want." He shrugs, standing near the exit. "Merry Christmas, Adam."

Adam raises a hand a moment as if to wave towards Brian's back as he leaves the storage space. He, himself, doesn't move from his spot. He's quiet with the body of Victoria Pratt in a freezer. He studies it silently, in a certain sense having a silent vigil over the woman he wanted to kill.

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