An "Evolved Cure" On The Way?

MASSACHUSETTES — A recent article published in the New England Journal of Medicine has created a tidal-wave of attention in the medical and scneitific communities. The private German biotech firm Pinehearst Company wrote in this week's issue indicates that the company is actively pursuing a gene therapy that could potentially lead to a permanent reversal of Evolved abilities that could be ready for public use as soon as 2011.

Pinehearst claims that the genetic therapy they are developing can and will permanently disable an Evolved individual's ability, and also reduce the chance of hereditary inheritance of the Suresh Linkage Complex in children. This research is looked upon with remarkable speculation from the medical community, and pro-evolved groups are calling the term, "cure" a slur and that their abilities are neither a disease to be cured, or a condition to be treated.

Research into this "Evolved Cure" is quickly getting media attention, though with clinical testing at least a year off there is still much time for this development to change course.

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