An interesting thing regardless


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Scene Title An interesting thing regardless
Synopsis Two strangers who appreciate rain, albeit for different reasons, meet on a rooftop. A few secrets are shared, but no names.
Date February 23 2010

Solstice Condominiums

Though not quite the sort of night of which Snoopy or Edward Bulwer-Lytton might be proud, the weather overhead is generous in the amount of precipitation presently being dumped onto New York. Though, come morning, the cleared air might well be appreciated by many of the city's residents, at the moment precious few are willingly out and about in the Wintry downpour.

There are, however, a few exceptions. One such is a figure, all in black, rapidly scampering up the side of the Solstice Condominiums. Though it's moving quite thoroughly in breach of the laws of gravity, its motions suggest the sort of determined regularity associated with a training run, rather than any particularly outlandish activities.

Reaching the parapet around the edge of the roof, the new arrival vaults smoothly over, landing providing a louder splosh admist the wet drumming of the falling rain.

Noriko is outside on the roof, well, because its raining. The hydrokinetic protected by a coat from the chill of the air, and not that of the water. Since her time in Madagascar, the hydrokinetic has gotten to the point where if its raining she reflexively repells the water to keep herself dry. The rain never touching her or her clothing while she smokes.

As she exhales, there is that splash, and her attention is caught by the figure in black that has just decided to join her rooftop reverie. She manages something of a smile while she stands there, before saying, "Well, hello there." She takes a drag from her cigarette, watching the figure.

The new arrival slowly straightens, rain sheeting off her, the lycra glistening darkly against the background glow of the city. Sporting a breathing mask that covers much of her face, she might look more than a little sinister to many people - and her own stance as she rises definitely suggests a degree of wariness.

Still, she sticks around for the time being, cocking her head as if studying the woman smoking in a downpour. "Hi", she returns after a slight delay.

Noriko lookls the other woman up and down for a couple of moments before she says, "Well, interesting outfit." She offers a smile, still exhaling once more before tapping her cigarette. She grins, and tilts her head to the side, still unsure of what to make of this persn.

Offering a low chuckle and an elegant bow - complete with sweep of the arm and accompanying hand-flourish - the new arrival sounds as if she might be grinning behind her mask when she replies.

"Thank you. I do try. Though this is just an exercise outfit. Suitable for going for a run in, though this weather does make it rather chilly." Her words mark her out as a foreigner, carrying the distinctive tones of an educated Briton.
Eve pages: Yeah, it's going to quite crazy. Like a circus show, lots of color and it's going to feel as if you're entering a whole other world when you step in there. It's not your average bar, that's for sure.

Noriko grins lightly and says, "I can imagine that it isn't exactly the… warmest of outfits. Though, why someone would be excercising in this weather is beyond me. Its cold enough without the rain." Indeed, if Ygraine looks close enough, she'll probably notice the absolute dryness of the Asian.

Another low chuckle, and a shrug. "People tend to look up even less when it's in this sort of weather. And I prefer not to be spotted when out for a run, generally. For some reason, I tend to startle people", the Briton responds, her tone far dryer than anything else about her.

Noriko raises an eyebrow and asks, "How so? I mean, I can't exactly see many people being terribley startled by things these days. Since, everyone knows that there are special people around."

Another shrug, the musculature of her shoulders rolling smoothly through the motion. "And some people remain deeply hostile to them, and many more just fear them. Far better to remain unnoticed than to force people to decide one way or the other how they feel about you. Or… do you routinely show off your powers in public? Assuming that it is you that is keeping the rain off, and I'm not seeing things - or failing to notice someone around here who's helping you out."

Noriko looks at her dry arms and hmms a little before saying, "Well, its actually something more like a habit that I picked up in Madagascar, or so they are telling me. One of the things that stayed around despite lost memories, and I tend to do it without thinking. Kinda handy though, if you ask me, much better than being all soggy."

A distinct pause, as Ygraine rapidly connects a few dots, wondering if she's doing so in a logcal manner. She also resists the temptation to glance around in search of trouble or eavesdroppers, reminding herself that she's right by her escape route. "You… returned from Madagascar with missing memories?", she asks gently. "Someone used a power on you to make you forget things?"

Noriko hrrms a little, before she says, "Well, there was a stop-off in Antartica, or so they saw. But, as far as power, no. I evidently suffered a stroke trying to save people, and it caused brain damage, and well, here I am."

Ygraine blinks a couple of times, failing to hide how little that explanation persuades her - though the dark and the face mask might conceal her doubts none the less. "I… am sorry to hear that", she says rather cautiously. "Very sorry indeed. Do you have any medication to help to try to avoid it happening again?"

Noriko raises an eyebrow, "To prevent it happening again? I don't just stroke out of the blue, at least, I don't think I do. Something to do with the way my power likes to manipulate water, and me doing too much with it, or trying to control my power when augmented. Not just, wham stroke." She offers something of a smile while she stands there, before her eyes look out into the darkness, and then asks, "So what's your story?"

Ygraine nods slowly and thoughtfully. "Me? Heh. I like to keep in shape, and I like to push my limits. Running in the rain can help with that, as can tackling things at night. Though I do run into the occasional surprise, I admit. I really hadn't expected there to be anyone up here, for example."

Noriko grins, "Well, surprises happen all the time. I wasn't expecting to have someone show up on the roof either," she replies, flicking her cigarette to the ground where it extinguishes with a sizzle.

Ygraine's eyes track the butt's path and sizzling demise. "So the rain-repelling effect is focused upon you, rather than… lingering on what you were holding?", she asks, curiosity evident in her voice.

Noriko looks at Ygraine for a couple of moments, before she replies, "Its more like a barrier around me, and what I'm holding. Kinda hard to explain completely, but, I just think about not having the rain hit me, and it doesn't, but, I mean, I don't have to just keep it to me." She offers a smile, and suddenly its not raining at all on the roof in a space high enough for the two of them to stand up in, but can still see where the rain stops, and then seems to go sideways before going back down again.

Ygraine remains silent for a few moments, staring at herself - and taking a few, deep, calming breaths. "Wow", is her first response, before she turns around and moves to poke her hand through the outside of the bubble now cloaking the roof.

"Wow", she repeats, then turns to face Noriko, laughing softly. "And to think that I was impressed when I first discovered I could climb a wall."

Noriko shrugs her shoulders a little and replies, "Yeah, not that much of a trick. Just a useful one for those rainy days." She offers a smile, before saying, "So what is it that lets you climb walls?"

Ygraine laughs softly, the sound echoing slightly behind her mask. "Not the bite of a radioactive spider, I'm afraid. Though… I suppose that might have happened, come to think of it. I was in the city on the day of the Bomb, so there might have been irradiated arachnids around…."

Noriko ahhs a little and nods her head, "Manifested then, then? At least I think thats the word that they're using for it now a days." She shrugs her shoulders a little while looking at her unexpected guest.

"It took me a while to work out what was happening, but… yes, it seems to go back to that period", Ygraine says with a nod. "I'm still not _completely_ certain what I do - hence part of my interest in the… mechanisms behind your own ability. Whether you directly controlled the water, or altered some property of objects to make them repel it…."

"In my case? Its more of a direct control of water that tends to lean towards the molecular level, I think. I mean, I can do lots of things precise things with small amounts of water, and usually don't try and manipulate gallons upon gallons of water to do something."

Ygraine nods thoughtfully. "I think that, for myself, I alter something's properties…. I had thought I directly controlled gravity somehow, but I'm thinking it's a bit more complex and indirect than that." She shrugs rather uncertainly. "But since the means of operation of gravity remain very much open to debate, I don't even know how I could begin testing quite what it is I do. About all I can say is that I don't use any sort of adhesive, and I don't sprout hairs."

Noriko snickers quietly and nods her head, "Well, an interesting thing regardless." She smiles, before looking out over the horizon and saying, "Well, suppose I've distracted you long enough.

Ygraine cocks her head, offering another low chuckle. "I can linger and talk about the mechanics of Evolved abilities a bit longer, if you like", she offers. "But I probably _should_ get back into motion again before I get too cold…."

Noriko snickers and says, "I'd be more worried about if you want to be cold again. Cause you won't have any more protection from the rain." She snickers a little, before she finally replies, "I really don't know the mechanics of my ability or any one elses. I just know that it works."

Ygraine shrugs amiably. "It might be worthwhile doing a bit of experimenting - trying to find out how small a body of water you can affect… though not at risk of doing yourself an injury, admittedly. But over-thinking things can pose problems, too. I ran into one guy who realised he had no real idea what he was doing or how, and lost the knack as a result."

Noriko grins faintly before she replies, "I've been using my ability since I was sixteen, I really don't need to practice and find out what I can do with it. At this point, its just finding new applications."

Even with the mask in the way, it's clear that Ygraine's rather impressed. "That long? Heh. I'm definitely a novice in comparison - well under four years, for me. Have you had much luck in finding those new applications?"

Noriko shrugs her shoulders a little and replies, "They happen along every now and again, something new to try I suppose. Or I get a new idea." She grins and yawns while stretching.

Ygraine's chuckle is somewhat envious this time. "Really? Heh. Mostly, mine seems to be… limited. Fun and useful, but limited."

Noriko shrugs her shoulders and says, "Mine's the same way, I can't exactly do anything if there isn't any water that happens to be near."

Ygraine purses her lips behind the mask, then rather more visibly cocks her head. "How visible does it have to be? I'm not asking for a demonstration, but can you affect the water inside objects?"

Noriko nods her head a little before she replies, "Its how I would practice when I was in High School, working with water in the pipes in the walls."

Once again, Ygraine looks distinctly impressed. "That sounds really rather cool", she says enviously. "Did you ever flood the place?"

Noriko shakes her head and says, "No, I never did that, it would be rather in bad taste, don't you think?" She smirks and shrugs her shoulder, before saying, "Besides, I thought I was a freak."

Another laugh. "Oh, that we are. But being a freak's no bad thing, generally", the Briton says with a grin behind her mask.

Noriko shrugs her shoulders a little and replies, "Yeah, well, I'd just rather not be one. But, that's neither here nor there." She smiles before saying, "Well, I should get back downstairs, no telling if someone is trying to get a hold of me or not."

Ygraine inclines her head. "Probably wise. Thank you for the break from the rain", she says gratefully. "I might well run into you again in future."

Noriko smiles and nods her head as the rain begins to fall back on the roof once more. "No problem. Take care of yourself," Noriko replies with a smile, before she waves and starts to head down the stairs.

Ygraine watches Noriko go… then shivers and chuckles ruefully as she's rapidly drenched again. Shaking her head, she trots across to one edge of the roof, and there vaults over the parapet into the night.

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