An Investment


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Scene Title An Investment
Synopsis A job for Trevor is decided on, but for now he's just an investment.
Date April 3, 2011

A motel in New York City

It's been a few days since Melissa got Trevor set up in a hotel room, and she hasn't seen or talked to him since then, but she hasn't forgotten about him. In fact, a production has been made of the visit. Sort of. It's not just Melissa, not even just Melissa and Devon. She's brought along Junie. A test, of sorts, before she decides if a room in the house she's trying for will belong to him.

She raps on the door before using the keycard she got, just a warning in case he's nekkid or something. "Trevor? It's Mel," she calls out, holding Junie on her hip, the year old Asian girl laying her head on Mel's shoulder.

Another day of watching T.V, like there's much options here. For the most part, the quality of shows has improved since Trevor last remembered. The doctor House is one amazing nutjob! The rap on the door gets Trevor moving off the bed in a hurry. Without checking the peephole, he opens the door and smiles at Melissa.

"Hey, Melissa! Hey, Devon! Come on in!" The man has cleaned up very well. Just washing the grime and shaving off that scruffy excuse of a beard has made him go from middle aged to mid 20's. He's dressed in just jeans and a simple red t-shirt. Nothing fancy. He stands aside so the group can enter. "I see we have a vistor. Who is this?" He asks, smiling down at the little girl.

Behind Melissa, Devon eyeballing Junie. As he had been the whole trip, making faces that rage between a quick sticking out of his tongue or a sly look like he doesn't quite trust the child. That all stops immediately once the door is open and his game face returns. His eyes touch on Trevor then habitually move past to check out the room.

"Hey, Trevor," the teenager replies. There's no coffee or pastries with him today. But the older man is offered a slight nod. Another look goes out to the room and then outside before he follows Melissa inside.

Junie pouts at Devon when the faces stop, but then there's someone new to study, which Junie does as Mel steps inside. "This is Junie. My daughter," she says with a smile, though she's studying Trevor very closely as she speaks. "So how are you doing, Trevor? You're looking better," she says, moving towards a chair and sitting down, settling Junie in her lap.

Trevor shuts the door as soon as everyone has entered and takes a seat on the bed. "Well, it's nice to meet you Junie!" He says in that playful voice grown-ups use to talk to little kids. He looks up to Melissa. "I feel more alive than I've been in a long time. Although, things are probably going to go downhill a bit before they get any better, which is what I wanted to talk to you about."

"Not sure if Devon's told you. But I'm an alcoholic." It's starting to get easier to say. The shame's still there, but it doesn't sting as hard. "So, I'm not sure if working a night club is the best place for me. You know?"

Devon takes up a spot against the wall, hands going into his pants pockets. "I hadn't told her yet," he admits with a small shrug. He hadn't decided how best to put that, or if he even should. It's Trevor's deal, after all. "Sorry, Melissa."

Melissa cocks her head at the admission, and she glances towards Devon, shaking her head. "It's fine, hon. No need to apologize." She looks back to Trevor. "Thank you for telling me though. For now I'll find something else for you besides the club. Not because I don't trust you with the alcohol, but because I know what it's like to be an alcoholic, and I know how strong the temptation can be. No reason to make it harder on yourself than it has to be."

Junie is bounced lightly on her lap as she continues. "Do you have any other sorts of skills? I know you mentioned something along the lines of busboy or waiter before, but anything else? Good with your hands, handywork, numbers, people?" she asks.

Trevor thinks for a moment. "Well, I'm a computer guy. A computer programmer to be exact, but I know enough about computers in general to be good enough at computer repair or general IT work. I was a waiter through college. I have a driver's license…or well, it's probably expired by now, but I'm pretty sure I still know how to drive. He shrugs a bit. "I'm ok with numbers. They're a part of programming to some degree, depending on the software I'm writing."

Trevor glances over at the T.V momentarily before grabbing the clicker and turning it off. This is conversation that doesn't leave room for distractions. "I have decent writing skills. I've hard to write user documenation for some of the software I've written. I really don't have mmuch else." He says with a final shrug. All those years at MIT getting high level skills with computers and this is how they help him. He's over qualified for practically anything he can think of. Most employers would look at his resume and turn him away, probably. But he's gotta start somewhere.

Melissa slowly smiles as she listens to Trevor, and she glances towards Devon. "I think I might have the perfect place for you. Not right away, but soon. I can't discuss it right now, but your computer skills will most definitely come in handy. For now we'll just consider you an…investment."

Now it's Trevor's turn to cock his head in confusion a bit. "Umm…ok." Investment. Investment in what, exactly? This is a bit weird, but can he really afford to turn this down out of paranoia? Without Melissa, he's back on the streets again. Might as well hear her out when the time comes, at least.

Trevor is momentarily distracted by Junie bouncing on Melissa's leg. Such a sweet little girl. He glances back up at Melissa. "So I ran out of pizza, but if you guys want to order some Chinese, I can make the call."

Devon gives Melissa a slightly curious look as well, brows knitting together just a little. But he might have some idea of what she's talking about, though he doesn't say anything or give any outward sign of knowledge. "I did say something would work out," he points out, looking back to Trevor. A brow lifts slightly to punctuate his point.

Melissa smiles at Devon before she turns that smile onto Trevor. "I'm fine, but thank you. And I know it sounds weird. Let me just say that I may be opening something else over the next few months, and I could use you in that business. Perfectly above board. For now…Tartarus could use a website. You could do that, and maintain it, until I need you in this other business."

Trevor smiles. "Now a website, I'm pretty sure I can do. I'd have to do some research into HTML, but I think I can build a website using Python code too." His general disposition seems to improve with just having the opportunity to work on computers again. In fact, he seems a little giddy as he smiles brightly. "I need some kung pao chicken! You want anything Devon?" He gets up and heads over to the phone and punches the numbers in to order the food.

Devon looks to Melissa again, this one subtly accented with 'I told you so'. Obviously he did tell her some things. "I'm fine," he replies. Eyes tick up to Trevor for a moment, then he steps in closer to Mel, leaning down to speak quietly in her ear while the older man handles ordering his lunch.

"I never got to asking him about certain things," the teenager murmurs, just loud enough to carry to Melissa. "Like his views on the demographics of Summer Meadows. Or any… other stances." It's vague, hopefully not obscure enough to get his point across. As Devon straightens again, he pauses long enough to smile at Junie. But once he's standing properly the expression is gone, returned to that more serious look.

Melissa smiles in return. "Just let me know what you need Trevor, and I'll see that you get it. Including, of course, a computer to work on." She smiles back towards Devon and nods. "It'll come," she murmurs to him.

Trevor's eyes light up as he glances back to Melissa with the phone receiver still held up to his ear. His mouth is slightly agape as he tries to get some words out, but his thoughts are interrupted by the Chinese guy on the other end picking up. His attention is snapped back to placing the order. After doing so, he hangs up and walks back to take his seat on the bed.

"A computer would be very nice! Man, I could get so much done here just screwing around with it all night. But what I need will really depend on how you want your website built. I can develop the site either way, but the question is do you want to host the site yourself or do you want to pay a subscription to have a company host it on their servers? There's pros and cons to each, of course, if you want me to go into the details. But for starters, a Macbook Pro would help for just around here to brush up on my programming skills and do research."

Devon gives a small nod and edges back to his place against the wall. He watches Trevor silently, brows still drawn together. He hasn't forgotten his conversation with the man, just a couple days ago, nor his talk with Melissa following that. But he's still wary of their newfound friend.

"Macbook Pro, gotcha," Melissa says, nodding. "The hotel has free wireless, and I'd rather not worry about hosting the site." She looks towards Devon. "Can you think of anything else? For right now?" she asks him.

Trevor grins slightly. Hotel wireless internet…so slow, but so much potential for fun! If he ever needs a break from research he can always screw around with out-of-town businessmen who picked the wrong hotel to connect their laptops to. Trevor never really considered hacking, but really…it should only take him a few weeks at most for the website, then what? Bored computer geeks can be very dangerous, or at least very mischievous.

Devon begins by shaking his head slowly. "Nothing comes immediately to mind. He looks like he's got things in line here." Like it's the teenager's place to decide if the grown man is keeping his room cleaned and treating the property nicely. "I think we should get him a prepaid phone, though. So we've got a way to contact him if he's not here."

"Good idea," Melissa says, nodding. "I'll drop by a phone tomorrow, Trevor, with our cell numbers already programmed in, along with the Tartarus main line. Anything else you need?"

Trevor shrugs. "Just a pen and notebook to write some notes in. I think that should be about it. Oh, and some DvDs to burn back-up data on to. I should be able to manage everything else." He smiles down at Junie as he stands up and stretches. "Well, I appreciate you guys stopping by. In the meantime, think up of some ideas for the website. You know, how you want to look, information you want on it, stuff like that." Sensing that the conversation is coming to a close, Trevor walks over to the door to let them out.

Devon turns almost immediately to follow Trevor to the door. He considers the older man for a moment, lingering in the doorway, then steps out into the hall to wait for Melissa and Junie. "I'll call your room tomorrow, see if you need anything before I head in to work," he says with a glance down the hall. "Not sure I'll have time to stop by. Mondays are hell."

"Pen, notebook, phone and Macbook Pro. Check," Melissa says, rising to her feet and also heading for the doorway then out of it. "Take care, Trevor. See you tomorrow."

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