An Offer For Eve


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Scene Title An Offer for Eve
Synopsis Bennet approaches Eve outside of the Orchid Lounge.
Date November 13, 2008

Outside the Orchid Lounge, Upper East Side

Before the bomb, the Upper East Side offered some of the most expensive real estate in the United States, which the upper-range of residences reaching upwards of 70 million dollars. In the wake of the bomb, the economic collapse of New York drove property values down through the ground. This was only compounded by the southwestern portion of the neighborhood being in direct proximity to the blast aream causing rampant fires that destroyed dozens of blocks of residential and business areas.

The Upper East Side has the privilege of being on the border of ground zero, with a barricade of one story tall concrete blocks forming a barricade around the ruins of Midtown. Entrances into these regions are protected by Homeland Security checkpoints reinforced by national guard. It is this jagged blight visible on the horizon of the neighborhood that has been a grevious scar on an otherwise well to do region of New York.

Eve ended her set of singing early this evening and dressed in a dark red dress and her long leather jacket, heels clicking as usual. The woman throws the hood of her jacket over her midnight hair and her eerie eyes scan the general area around her as she makes her way to her car parked not far away. The moon shines down and illuminates the already lit sidewalk.

When Eve arrives at the car, she'll discover the driver's seat is already occupied by a tall, broad-shouldered man in a dark blue windbreaker and a wire-framed glasses that sit high upon the bridge of his nose. One of Noah Bennet's arms hangs out the open window, his fingers drumming against the vehicle's dark exterior. As she approaches, he offers her a smile that does not quite meet his eyes — all teeth, no heart. "And here I was starting to think nobody but cabbies drove anymore," he remarks quietly.

Eve's eyebrows raise as she looks at Noah. "Hello Noah, my you teach me something new every time I see you, breaking into cars?" this is said as Eve opens the passenger side and slides in.

"You left your doors unlocked." Maybe she did, maybe she didn't — the tone of Bennet's voice is too enigmatic to know for sure. "Why don't you come inside and take a seat?" he suggests, even as she's moving to open the passenger side door, and though there's something about his posture that implies it isn't really a suggestion at all. "I have the heater running." When the door slams shut behind her, he eases back in his seat a little, relaxed. "Miss Dean tells me not everything is sunshine, rainbows and butterflies between you two right now."

"I doubt I did" Eve says when the door slams and she looks at Noah, "Funny thing, I've needed to talk to you as well." to the mention of Helena and the current situation, "Nothing was /ever/ sunshine with PARIAH, things are just darker now. It doesn't help that Sylar seems to frequent the places I go to think." Eve positions herself so that her back is to her door and she is facing Noah slightly. Her hands lazily draw invisible signs on the dashboard.

"Sylar?" Bennet raises both his eyebrows at Eve, giving her an inquisitive look that borders on accusatory. "Are you sure it isn't the other way around?"

"The two meetings we have had were of pure coincidence, I'm sorry but I don't tend to stalk serial killers especially ones that I have seen in action," referring to her nightmare prophetic dreams of Sylar. "Strange man," she adds softly and an eyebrow is raised in Noah's direction.

"Very strange," Bennet agrees. "Dangerous." He stretches out his legs, resting his hands on his thighs. "How would you feel about leaving Phoenix and working primarily with Hana Gitelman and I?" It's an abrupt change of subject, but maybe that's for the best; Bennet and Sylar, like oil and water, simply do not mix. "HomeSec turned over one of our safehouses last month, so we've been down an operator for awhile. There aren't many people I can trust with a responsibility like that, and most of them already have their hands full with other projects."

Eve chuckles softly at Bennet's change of subject, "Why that is exactly what I was going to talk to you about. Are you a telepath maybe?" Eve's eyes close for a moment before they open again and her gaze this time out of the window, "Things are different, changing. We have to all be careful" the same warning she gave Sylar. "I could do that" is her simple reply. "I've been meaning to talk to you about working with you and Hana, funny how everything seems to work in everyone's favor," Eve says softly and strokes a strand of her hair.

"You don't have to be a telepath in order to read people," is Bennet's murmured response. "That's one of the first things you'll learn when you start working with us." He reaches into his jacket pocket and produces a cellphone in his palm, which he offers to Eve. It's an older model, several years out of date, but still in working condition — if the faint glow emanating from between the keys is any indication. "Prepaid," he explains. "Take it, but don't make any outbound calls unless it's an emergency. I'll contact you sometime over the next few days, after I've had an opportunity to discuss your situation with the others."

Eve takes the phone and places it inside of the pocket of her leather jacket. "Alright, I'll be waiting," she says softly and then resumes her idle drawing of invisible signs on her dashboard. "My dreams have been more and more confusing, dark ones." Eve's gaze isn't really focused on Bennet anymore as she says this in a whispered tone.

"You can tell me all about them later." Bennet's hand closes around the door handle and he gives it a sharp tug to pop it open. He slides out of the car, rising to his full height, and shuts the door behind him, then pauses to complete a visual sweep of the parking lot. Satisfied, he thumps his hand against the roof of the car — once. "We'll be in touch."

"Can't wait," is Eve's response and she slides over to the driver side and starts the car up to leave the parking lot.

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