An Unexpected Birthday Call


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Scene Title An Unexpected Birthday Call
Synopsis Claire gets a surprised birthday call from Magnes.
Date April 10, 2010

On the Phone

After speaking to Rebel about a few things, and getting Claire's new number, Magnes chooses Friday afternoon to call her; Claire's birthday. He's sitting back on the couch in his apartment, holding the iPhone against his ear, and when she answers, probably not expecting a call from him on this number, he says, "Happy Birthday, Claire. I got your number from some mutual associates."

There is a touch of surprise when Claire hears the voice on the other end. "Magnes?" Brows lift high on her head as she pauses in the shoveling she was tasked with for the day. Birthday or not, chores have to be done, but then she hasn't told anyone there it was. Stabbing her shovel into the deep snow, she pauses, a deep breath sending white into the air.

"Um… Thanks." While one hand holds the phone, the other tucks into her pocket to keep warm, Claire says, "For the birthday wish and all."

"I don't know where you are, and I only have a vague idea of what you're doing, but I don't want you to forget the simple human stuff, and I won't either. This line is secure, by the way." Magnes assures, grunting slightly when he moves the wrong way. She'd probably know from the news that he's gotten caught up in things two days in one week, and once again ended up in the news, but at least for saving people. "I wish I could do something for your birthday and all, but I guess turning the city upside down just to get your number sort of embodies the thought counting."

Her hand moves to rest on the shovel wiggling it some, "I don't need anything done for it Magnes. God knows, I've got hundreds and hundreds more to come along." Claire tucks the phone against her ear as she pulls the shovel out."But yeah, the thought counts." She admits, as she starts half-assed shoveling so she doesn't lose the phone. Admittedly he's the only one to have done so, but then she did do some bridge burning.

"I'll make sure every birthday you have is special, somehow. But for now, I'm just glad you're alright." Magnes hasn't budged much from his spot, he doesn't feel like groaning on the phone and showing that he's in pain. Something about one's ex being a regenerator makes one want to act a bit tougher. "I guess you've seen the news or read papers or something. I try hard to stay out of the public, but then some old man with Gabriel's ability collapses a roof, and then two days later there's a fire. I'd have died in the fire from the building collapsing if not for my ability. At this rate, I won't live to see next year, but hey, it's worth it if I can save a few lives." he snickers slightly, then catches himself in the midst of a grunt.

Pausing in her shoveling at the mention of Gabriel's name, Claire's brows furrow slightly. "Actually, where I'm staying we don't have much in the way of news coming our way unless it's something like raids coming… or things of the sort." The shovel is pushed into the snow and flung a short distance away. "Sorry to hear you go hurt though, I hope your able to make a quick recovery so you can get back out there."

"I'll be fine, I can still move around and more or less get work done, I've just got burns on my arm and the side of my ribs, and a headache from straining my ability twice in such a short time span. I wish my ability came with regeneration, or at least some sort of durability. Being Superman without the durability kind of blows." Magnes can be heard shifting ground a bit, finally standing and sitting on the chair in front of his piano. "It's your birthday, let me play a song on my piano for you. When we were dating, I never got a chance to, so, I guess this would be a new memory. Any requests?"

"Ouch." She offers in sympathy at his wounds. The mention of playing something for her, Claire shakes her head, forgetting to phone and almost dropping it in the snow. Fumbling with it, she murmurs an apology. "Actually, Magnes… I have chores to finish, part of the deal staying here. So I need to get back to this shoveling."

"Oh, that's fine. I at least feel a lot better after getting to talk to you. I was really worried, though Miss Petrelli said you can take care of yourself, I still can't help it, y'know?" Magnes stands up, trying his best to stretch without too much pain. "Be safe, alright? And call me if you need something, no one can crack this line."

Brows lift, but she lets it go with a shrug. "Yeah, as safe as I can, but there is a lot to be done." The shoveling stops while Claire says her goodbye. "Take care of yourself. Try to give yourself a rest before jumping into something else crazy." There is a touch of humor there. "And… thanks for calling Magnes."

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