An Unexpected Call


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Scene Title An Unexpected Call
Synopsis Jaiden gets a call on his disposable mobile phone from someone he didn't think he'd hear from again.
Date May 25, 2011

Endgame Safe House

Description of location, if any.

Hiding. Keeping away from the outside world. That's a lot of what Remi has been doing lately. She's been hiding away at Magnes' apartment, taking his room for ransom and generally keeping to herself. There's stuff that she's been thinking about the past several weeks, and they're not all happy. Go to France again, bask in the glow of wealth and relative safety? Or stay here and put herself in danger?

It's not a very easy decision to make.

Finally, however, Remi has made her choice. It's time to call Jaiden. To beg him to come and get her. She misses him. She misses Ygraine, and she misses Graeme. They've all become such important parts of her life, and being without them for so long has been difficult. So, sitting on the bed with her clothing packed, her hair dyed a darker shade of red than normal, she dials the phone number that Graeme gave her.

It's a bit after nine in the Endgame safe house, and Jaiden has started getting ready for bed. With the sun going down, that means that lights will have to be brought into play which brings attention to a supposedly deserted building, which is not good, so when the sun goes down, so does Jaiden. Laying in his room on a makeshift pallet, the room illuminated from the soft glow of his laptop, the clock bouncing to and fro across the screen, Jaiden relaxes, hands behind his head.

The musical chirp of the throwaway phone catches his attention, and it takes a little bit of a stretch for the man to pluck it from it's spot near his boots. The number, he doesn't recognize, but he does rub the back of his neck and sits up, hitting the 'pick up' button. "Hello?" His accent is being kept under tight restraint - his voice sounds neutral, like anyone you'd speak to in new york. "Who is this, please?"

There's a brief moment of silence as Remi's mind swims. Then, finally, she speaks. Her own accent is as neutral as she can manage, which is to say that she still sounds faintly European. "Jay? Is that you?" Yet her voice is unmistakable, really, that hopeful little glimmer hidden behind a soft tone. "It's me. Sun." The literal translation of her first name, one that she told him about years ago when they first met.

There's a clatter as he sits up straighter, nearly losing the phone. Accent? Oh yeah, he's got one. It comes in obviously when he speaks again. "Remi? Is that you? Graeme told me you'd call, but it's been weeks, girl! Are you okay?"

Remi's accent comes through, as well, when Jaiden's accent returns. So much easier to avoid 'h' sounds. "Jaiden…oui, I am okay. It is so good to 'ear your voice. I 'ave been with someone you probably already know I am with, if you 'ave spoken to Graeme." She pauses for a moment. "I miss you, and everybody. I want to get out of 'ere…"

"Yes, I do know who you're with, but we weren't sure until we actually heard from you." There's a rustle of blankets as he shifts, sitting up. "We'll get you as soon as we can. Do you at least have an address? Or know a time that you can get away while Magnes is not there?"

"I can sneak out. It is not difficult to do." Remi speaks softly into the phone, glancing toward the closed door, then back toward the window. "I 'ave changed my 'air a bit, and my wardrobe." Which mostly consists of stealing Magnes' clothing. Definitely doesn't look like she normally does.

"That's good, then. Hopefully when you do sneak out, he'll think it's too much trouble to track you down. From what I understand, he's working with some people that we do not want getting their hands on you." Jaiden goes quiet for a moment, his breathing the only sound. "I've missed you too, Remi. When you were deported, there wasn't anything we could do. We had an idea of where you were going, but after we got burned from our last intelligence, we didn't know if it was a trap to get the rest of us. Sorry." He sounds quite apologetic over the phone.

"I 'ope." She murmurs this softly, turning her eyes up to the ceiling. "It's okay. I was doing fine in France…zen a crazy double of Varlane kidnapped me." She closes her eyes, taking a few breaths. "I just want to get back to you. I feel like things are…changing, and I don't want to be alone when it 'appens." She offers a breathy sigh, opening her eyes to once more stare up at the stucco ceiling.

If one could look at the pair in the same image, one would see them both in almost the same position, eyes closed, laying back and looking up at the ceiling after a moment. The pair share a quiet moment, only connected by the thin strands of technology built into their phones, their breathing soft over the occasional hiss of static. "That crazy double is part of the reason we want to get you away from Varlane. The other reason is Varlane himself, but that's neither here nor there right now. Where you'll be isn't very comfortable, but it'll be with Ygraine, Graeme, Lizzie an' me, so you'll be with people you can trust. And you can stay as long as you like, or we'll try to get you to Canada and back to France….but i'd probably suggest waiting until the doppelganger problem is taken care of, so you're not taken again."

There's a moment of silence, before she offers a silent nod. "Oui. We can do zat." She glances toward the door quietly, then back up to the ceiling, closing her eyes again. "Meet me tomorrow evening at ze bowling alley in ze Bronx. I will bring my things." She sighs softly. "I can't wait to see you, Jaiden…it will be wonderful. I should rest before zis…"

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