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Scene Title Analogies
Synopsis Melissa brings takeout breakfast home, and she and Kendall eat it as she lets him know she's be going off on another 'mission' tonight.
Date August 26, 2010

Little Green House

This is a medium-sized two-story home, and one that, in its better days, was no doubt a very warm and welcoming home. There has been some work done to restore it to those days. The walls are all freshly painted, a pale blue-gray color, though the floors are scratched up and badly need resanding. More, every inch of the house has been cleaned, so that windows sparkle and metal gleams.

The structure of the home is still nice. There are large bay windows which let in plenty of light, and several of those windows are really French doors that lead out onto the back patio, or onto a small square balcony on the second floor. Even the attic has a few windows which keep that space from looking dingy or even creepy. The basement, however, has no such windows.

The first floor consists of a foyer, large kitchen, living room with a fireplace, bathroom and what must be a sort of laundry room. The second floor has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, one off of the main bedroom. These rooms are all rather decent sized, though only two of the bedrooms show signs of being lived in.

They all have the standard furniture; a couch and some oversized chairs set in front of an entertainment center in the living room, a table and chairs in the kitchen, beds and dressers in the bedrooms. For now it still looks a little bare, with few real traces of the occupants. Other than a set of shelves that is filled with a large variety of shotglasses.

Thursday morning dawns cool enough, much cooler than it will be later in the day. And it's the first time in a while that Melissa has been able to enjoy early morning temperatures, given her habit of sleeping in. She made a trip out earlier, and has just arrived home, setting take out boxes on the kitchen table before heading upstairs. Kendall's door gets knocked on, before she calls out, "I got breakfast. Meet me downstairs, will ya?"

Aw, man. She's up early today. Way way WAY too early. The response from Kendall is a groan of annoyance, but then again, she mentioned food, so…. a few minutes later Kendall comes out, somewhat dressed although lacking in shoes or socks, and hair still messy. He rubs his eyes, grumbling a little. "Why so early?"

"'Cause I've got a lot to do today," Melissa answers as she grabs a couple of plates and glasses, setting them next to the boxes, then grabbing a carton of OJ from the fridge. She flops down into a chair and opens one of the boxes, transferring still hot pancakes and bacon onto her plate, then drowning the former in syrup.

A few bites are taken before she looks up, studying his face. "It also occured to me that we don't really see much of each other, or talk or anything. Which seems sorta…wrong. I mean, families are supposed to talk, right? At least the kind that actually like each other?"

"Maybe in like, the 40s, with all those shows like Leave it to Beaver or the Brady Bunch." ok, so it was more like the 60s. "Families these days are dysfunctional, no one talks anymore, they all watch TV and text and stuff." wow, Kendall has a pretty harsh outlook on life. Food. Peek at the pancakes and bacon. Drool.

That peek is noticed, and Melissa grins and motions to the boxes with her fork. "Dig in. There's enough for the whole house, though it'll probably just be us eating. And okay, maybe most are dysfunctional. We're certainly not a normal family, but I do love you, Kendall. You're the kid brother I never had and never knew I wanted." Aww, she's trying to embarrass him! At least there aren't any witnesses around.

Kendall helps himself to the food in the boxes. "And I guess you're the mom I should've had!" he can try to embarrass her right back! Mmmmmmmm, food. Kendall seems happier already.

That has Melissa sticking her tongue out at him before she grins. "Can't I be the big sister instead? The bossy big sister?" she asks, though this morning she doesn't freak out about momhood like she normally does. "I mean, I'm only nine years older than you! I was a precocious kid in some ways, but not that precocious!"

Kendall snickers. "You act more like a mom than a sister, that's why." and he's digging in, mouth in a constant state of fullness which means getting a coherent answer from him will just have to wait.

Melissa rolls her eyes, but doesn't lose her grin. At least not for longer than it takes to take a bite and chew. Her glass is filled, a few sips taken, then her expression goes more serious. "You told me not too long ago, that you wanted to know next time I went off to do anything potentially dangerous. Well, I've got something tonight. It shouldn't be dangerous, should be in and out, but…" She trails off and shrugs. "If, by some chance, something does happen to me one of these days, I want to you look in the top drawer of my nightstand. There are some envelopes there, labeled."

"Top drawer?" Kendall's curious now, and he actually finished chewing his current mouthful. "What, like a last Will and Testament? It's not in with your underwear, is it?"

"My nightstand, dork. Not my dresser," Melissa points out with a light kick towards him. Even if it connects, it won't hurt in the least. "A couple of them are letters, and one is a will, yeah. And that's only if something happens. Otherwise you keep your nose out of my drawers. All of 'em!" Can't have him seeing that she sleeps with a stuffed animal, now can we?

Kendall smirks as he gets kicked. "What, got dirty stuff I shouldn't know about in there? Licorice underwear for a night on the town?" ooh, sexy.

Her fork is used to point at him. "Licorice…is nasty." Mel takes another bite then smiles brightly at him, mischief in her eyes. "They're passion fruit flavored." A bit of TMI?

Kendall makes a predictable face at that. Ew, gross. "Are you sure nothing dangerous is going to happen tonight?" he asks her. "Because saying the stuff in the dresser is 'just in case' makes me kinda think that it's not."

"The letters have been there since before the raid on the hospital, Kendall," Melissa says, shaking her head. "They're really there just in case. They'll remain there until either they're either used or unnecessary."

Kendall shrugs. "Well that was the boss fight, right? This is just the epilogue now?" leave it to Kendall to think of it in video game terms. "I mean, you were talking about monsters and stuff, so…"

Lips curve and Melissa nods. "Yeah, that was the boss fight. Or a boss fight, anyway. Unfortunately, the war isn't won quite so easily as that. Hence the letters. Tonight should be simple enough, but you never know what'll happen, so I thought you should know about the letters. And you did ask me to tell you before I did anything that could be dangerous."

Kendall is silent for a minute or two, and thoughtfully finishes the food on his plate. "So, that was Devimon, and you still need to take on Myotismon." ….buhwha?

Devimon? Myotismon? Melissa stares blankly at Kendall for a long moment, before she simply says, "Do what?"

"Ah, nevermind." sometimes it's like Kendall speaks in code, or something. Geekode. "Digimon, digital monsters." he mutters under his breath.

Melissa laughs and shakes her head. "You're such a geek," she says, though her tone is fond and amused. "But if you want to put it in terms you can understand…" She ponders for a moment. "We killed Saruman, and still have to go after Sauron and his Witchking later." She shrugs. "Closest I can get to video game terms anyway. And if you don't know who they are, Saturday we're having a movie marathon and you have no choice."

"Well make sure it's either you or a short person who kills the Witchking. Y'know, can't be killed by man and all that." Kendall reads books! He knew Lord of the Rings before any stinkin' movies came out!

Another laugh and Melissa ends up grinning at him. "I loved that part of the movie. A woman kicking ass where the men couldn't." The grin softens to a mere smile. "But yeah, just wanted you to be aware. Shouldn't take more than an hour or two, then I'll be home."

"Well it wasn't just her, a hobbit did too. And all right, I guess I'll be waiting for you to come home safely." it's funny that they're discussing Lord of the Rings, it really is… he just happens to have a ring in his pocket.

"Yeah, but I don't happen to know any midgets who could help me," Melissa points out with a grin. "Anyhow. Enjoy the food. I've gotta get a shower and head to the Suresh Center for a few hours, then Tartarus, then dirty work." She rises from her chair, and can't resist ruffling his hair before heading upstairs.

Kendall wrinkles his nose and swats at her hand when she ruffles his hair, which she likely is also suspecting considering he's done in reaction every single time. "Eh."

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