And Then The Phone Rang!


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Scene Title And Then The Phone Rang..
Synopsis It was looking like Mortimer might finally score with Cassidy… and then the phone rang!
Date May 31, 2009

Cassidy's Apartment

Once again Cassidy will find her door unlocking, and god knows how Mortimer keeps getting in the building, because it's sure not through the front door. He's wearing a plain loose fitting white t-shirt, some neatly fitting blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers. He's apparently not dressed for a candlelight dinner, but has a Blockbuster bag in one hand and a big bucket of ice cream (Literally, a bucket!) with around fifty coops in the other! "Hi honey, I'm home."

It's no surprise that Cassidy's trenchcoat and shoulder holster are thrown over the back of the couch, work pumps kicked off in the middle of the floor. She hasn't been home long and is back in the bedroom, slipping into more comfortable clothing. Hearing Mortimer's entrance, she actually smiles a bit and hurries to tug on her old worn jeans on, while shouting. "I'll be out in a moment. Make yourself at home, you always do." There is a teasing to her tone.

Mortimer locks the door, sitting the tub of ice cream and its rather long spoons on the table, the Blockbuster bag right next to it. He sits back on the couch, propping his feet up near the other side of the bucket, just relaxing now. "I hope you're slipping into something short and transparent. And y'know, I could really rig you up some sort of alarm system with flaming arrows."

There is a soft chuckle behind him, before Cassidy's arms slips around his shoulders from behind. "Sorry.. Just old jeans and a tank top." She leans over to press a kiss to his cheek. "I don't even thing I own anything like that. No reason to." Till now. She glances past him to the bucket of Ice cream. "Ooooh, you are really trying to get on my good side?" She leans over a bit so she can look him in the eye as she talks, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. "Hello By the way.. and I don't need flaming arrows. Thanks." Her lips quirking with amusement.

"Of course I wanna get on your good side, I wanna stay on your good side." Mortimer wraps his arms around her, trying to pull her into his lap. "But I don't really see any bad sides, at least not from where I'm sitting." He's talking pretty smoothly, this must be one of his more sane days, as he's had no encounters with Mister Grays or Bone Men.

"Oh.. now with the compliments." Cassidy comments with a grin, after she's pulled into his lap. An arm loops loose behind his neck, her other hand rests lightly against his chest. "Winning brownie points, Mr. Jack." She's in a pretty good mood tonight as well, evident by her ready smile. "So.. what are we going to watch tonight?"

"I got two movies I like, and two movies I think you'd like. Your two movies are Ultra Violet, and Underworld." Female heroines, Mortimer figures, a girl would like those movies! "And mine are Evil Dead 2, because I want you to see how awesome having a chainsaw arm is, and Prime, because we need a movie with lots of sex in it to end the night." Then, just out of the blue, he leans in and pecks her lips.

Cassidy's cheek's color a bit at the mention of the last movie and the kiss. Did it just get a bit hotter in there? She licks her lips a bit as if considering something. "Haven't seen any of those.. so I'll look forward to it." The hand on his chest plays with the edges of his shirt. "But…." She doesn't look him in the eyes and her cheeks color a bit. She leans in slowly as she speaks. "Why bother with the other three.. could just jump to the… last one." She is murmuring that last bit, her lips so close to his and then when she's done speaking she moves in for a kiss.

"Hell yeah…" Mortimer says with another peck, physically lifting her up with his good arm, and using the prosthetic to pop the movie in before sitting down again, Cassidy in his lap once more. "Fuck, we might not even finish the movie, right?" he asks with a suggestive grin, leaning down to start littering skillful kissing on her neck. There will be hickies!

"Keep that up… and chances are no. We might not get to the opening….." There is the sudden sound of bells? The chiming of bells in the theme of Harry Potter. The sound makes Cassidy go still and groans. "I have to get that… If it's Coren … if I don't answer he might come over here worried." She leans over to pull the coat into her lap, obviously not wanting to move, and dig for the phone. She finds it, but doesn't even look at the screen before flipping it open and putting it to her ear. "Hello? O'Shea here." She glances at Mortimer and lift a finger to her mouth in a shushing motion.

"Cassidy." It's Coren's voice, and it does not sound happy. In fact, there is a definite sound of fear in his voice. "The lab routed another call to my temporary cell phone 'ere. The call was traced to a one block radius in Greenwich Village." There's a pause, and it's not so much for dramatic effect as it is Coren trying to pull himself together. It's definitely hitting him hard, whatever it is, and Cassidy probably can feel it even over the phone. "There is a high likelihood … that the phone is sitting in Old Lucy's."

"Promise?" Mortimer asks before going back to his kisses, pulling Cassidy deeper into his lap, barely paying the phone any mind. He hears the shush, but in the midst of his mood he randomly asks, after Coren is done talking, "Can I take your pants off?" He /does/ try to keep it to a whisper, but it can be clearly heard with the phone so close.

Cassidy goes completely still as a chill runs through her, she stops tilting her head for the kisses. Old Lucy's. Of course, Mortimer speaks up and she turns to him and gives him a wide eyed look, hand coming up to cover his mouth and giving him a small shake of her head, her eyes full of sudden fear. "Is Abigail working tonight?" She ask into the phone, starting to moves to try and get up, suddenly all business.

"I haven't had the chance to call and find out, but I've requested a patrol car and EMS to be sure. Hopefully I'm just being paranoid," Coren says. "I'm about five, maybe ten minutes away from Old Lucy's. Backup should be there when I arrive, and I want you to hightail it there too." There's a moment of hesitation before he says, "I need you."

Mortimer is not a happy camper, frowning as she gets up, totally cockblocked by the phone. He stays quiet, just watching her from the couch, with a kind of 'Come on, let's do it!' look.

Standing there, looking down at Mortimer her expression is actually conflicted. She closes her eyes with a pained look. "Okay, Coren.. I'm going out the door right now." She opens her eyes and gives Mortimer an apologetic look as she snaps the phone shut. "I am so so sorry Mortimer.. I have to go.. It's important." She moves to grab her tennis shoes by the door, and drops on the couch to pull them on.. "Abigail my be in trouble.. I have to go.. I owe.. her.. She cleared up the scars." Her hands moving quickly to tie laces. "I haven't told you about that… but it'll have to wait." She sounds a touch paniced and very worried.

"I'll wait for you. I've been celibate for a month so far, I can go another few hours." Mortimer smiles and reaches behind himself, pulling out what appears to be a grenade, which is promptly tossed to her. "It won't explode, it's not that kind of grenade. If you end up in a tight situation, pull the tab and throw it. Close your eyes when you do."

The grenade is caught and she takes a moment to lean down and kiss him roughly. "Thanks.. Your more then welcome to wait. I'll give you a call if it looks like I won't make it." She starts to pull away and then gives him another quick kiss as she scoops up her jacket. "Stay out of my drawers." She says grabbing her shoulder holster and flying out the door. She actually half runs her way down the stairs cursing softly.

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