A medium sized cat with a brownish coat dusted with red. Two large ears curve upwards towards the sky, the insides black tiny tufts of hair peek out from the ears.


Named after the African mythology term for vampire, Adze is a caracal as well as the second of Tibby Naidu. The more rambunctious of her two feline companions, he is loyal to Tibby or as loyal as the solitary feline can be. When originally leaving for the United States Adze could not be found, during the Second American Civil War Tibby ran across him when she returned home to Johannesburg. Adze likes to hang on his own a lot of the time though he does play and lay around with Oya after all these years. He favors the nighttime and loves to hunt birds. Tibby often finds them in the house.


Currently in the care of: Tibby Naidu

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