A soft, fluffy mix likely of pitt and labrador descent, he's sure to grow up looking fierce, but for right now, he's just a cute thing that navigates the world nose-first and is eager to taste absolutely everything not immediately pulled out of his path.


Asi was emotionally strongarmed into inviting this pup into her life by Wright. Nevermind she desperately needed precisely what he's brought her. While the dog is looked after and owned by her primarily, his presence around the Bastion surely will see to it that there will be a village raising this one. Right now he's all energy… right up until he runs out of it.

He's named after a play on the false cognate 'Aisu' from Japanese. It sounds like 'ice', which is a nod to his peculiar, ON1-flavored eye color, but the word itself means 'ice cream', which Asi has rationalized also works because of his vanilla soft-serve fur color.


Currently in the care of:

Boopable snoot. Criminally soft belly.

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