Al the Third

One of the bigger guinea pigs one can find, Al the Third is large enough to feed a small family. Cooper just calls him big boned. It's (Cause Cooper doesn't know what gender the poor thing is) fur is a rusty orange, with white spots. one makes it look like he has a mustache. Eyes are shiny and black, beady. There is always a soft 'wheek' sounds being issued from it.

Al the Third has a natural curiosity that will more then likely give his owner a few headaches.


Having found out his first wife was getting married again, Cooper went out and bought himself a pet to celebrate. He bought the one sort of animal he's always wanted. A Guinea Pig. Which he named 'Al' which is short for alimony, which was a suggestion by his DHS partner at the time Audrey. That was Al the First. He his now on Al the Third… Al the Second they do not speak of…. It disappeared and no one has seen it since. Though there is an Urban Legend about a Giant Red Guinea Pig cavorting with a gang of rats.

Al the Third (And all Als before him) lives in the lap of luxury, with a giant cage at home and a smaller one for the day, Cooper decides it's bring you pet to work day.

Al the Third

Currently in the care of:
Thomas Cooper and occasionally his daughter Ellen

Pictured here are Al the Third and the Original Al.
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