Roughly the size of two dogs instead of one, Alicia is a seemingly purebred Newfoundland bear dog, all black shaggy fur tinged with a faded kind of ginger in her dense, dark ruff, with a massive head on the end of her sturdy neck. Large paws are as furry as mops, and she has a lazy wag to her tail as her only show of excitement — a laid back gentle giant. She also drools.


Upon going to a city shelter to purchase a cat, Joseph Sumter was drawn instead to where the dogs were kept, having apparently always wanted one — his wife's sister was allergic. Alicia, being the opposite of a cat, was his immediate pick, and has been a loyal friend since. His initial logic was to protect the church from various break ins, but really — he just wanted a dog.

Which is good because she isn't much of a guard dog, having slept through one break-in by Emile Danko until he was practically on top of her, wherein she was then tranq'd. Since then, she has proven to be an adaptable creature, both in relation to Joseph's various absences, getting kidnapped herself, and change of locations through the Ferry network. She is the opposite of needy and tolerates humans and other animals alike with a generally affable 'old dog' apathy.


Currently in the care of:
Joseph Sumter

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