A gentle giant, Arrius is a towering Brabant Belgian stallion with a bi-color roan coat; he is a densely muscled draft horse with a precocious sort of disposition. Playful, loving, but hard-working, he enjoys the company of other animals and people; while very much a 'doofus', as Rene lovingly calls him, Arrius is now very good with non-verbal cues- - when to goof around, and when to be focused.


Obtained from a nearby settlement to the Sedro-Woolley colony, Arrius was originally meant for farm work; thing is, as a younger horse he wasn't very receptive, and he ended up as a wagon horse instead. When he was replaced with a much more malleable animal, he was sold off; luckily, it was a new owner and not the slaughterhouse. He was once again a hauler, though over time he learned other skills with patience on behalf of stablemasters more than anything. Arrius is also trained to do downward mounting, though oftentimes he gets a modified saddle for easier ascent.

As much as Rene groans about his rolling around in mud, stealing things from pockets, or his tendency to unlock paddocks and manipulate locked doors- - he loves the silly thing.


Currently in the care of:
Rene Dumortier

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