Bonnie was once a beautiful red leaf Japanese Maple Bonsai tree, now she is a beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She is a high energy pup that loves to play. Especially, enjoys running off with people's shoes.


Looking at this pretty pup that she had once been a beautiful and delicate bonsai tree. A victim the of criminal Ali Underwood. She was used for practice and left to live in terrible darkness wondering what she did so wrong! She's now in the custody of Roxie Lopez, a canine telepath. She loves her new pack!

Likes: Belly rubs, Roxie, Nova, playing, treats, and fun.
Dislikes: Ali and bad humans. Grrrr….


Currently in the care of:
Roxie Lopez

Favorite Humans

  • Roxie - She is my person! She can talk to me and plays with me! She is nice and thinks I'm good and not bad.
  • Nova - She is pack and very good at belly rubs. She also plays with me! I like her.

Pack Pups

  • Goober - He is silly and grumpy sometimes when I want to play.

Evil Ones!

  • Ali - GRRRRR… Bad! Bad! I do not like her. She hurt me! Put me in dark.

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