An unnaturally large hunchbacked raven with a band of metal glittering around its leg.


Bran — named for Bran the Blessed, a giant and king of Britain in Welsh mythology — was one of the oldest ravens at the Tower of London before bonding with teenage avian telepath Eileen Ruskin and accompanying her through Europe, Western Asia, parts of Africa and North America during her time with the Vanguard.

Bran's bond with Eileen was strong enough that, through the use of her ability, both bird and woman knew where the other was at all times (within a specific physical radius) and were intimately aware of the other's emotional state.

The name BrĂ¢n translates from Welsh as crow.

The drabble "Wisdom" was written from Bran's perspective.

Bran returned Eileen's pocket watch to Gabriel years after her death.


Currently in the care of:
Eileen Ruskin
Gabriel Gray

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