Carson is a mutt, but he most closely resembles a short-haired border collie. His advanced years are only evident in his now stiff gait and increased laziness, as he has always had a white muzzle. He's as sharp as he ever was.


Carson's mother was a stray dog that wandered into a barn on the Smedley Ranch in South Dakota to have her pups. Her condition was poor, and so she didn't live long after delivering the litter. Carson was the only pup to survive, and was bottle-fed by the Smedley family. He attached himself to the Smedley's only boy, just home from college, and has been Wes's dog ever since. He has spent his 15 years practically glued to Wes's side, though his master is careful when he is forced to bring the animal along on smuggling missions.


Currently in the care of:
Wes Smedley

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