A big striped ginger cat, with long fur that often needs lots of grooming and attention.


Found by Gillian and Gabriel Gray in November of 2008 as a young kitten, and has since grown into a large cat, that weights a good fifteen pounds. He's a lounger and temperamental, liking to assault legs and then hide under beds and sleep most of the day. Hailey, one of the Lighthouse Kids, used to sneak him treats all the time, leading to him getting overweight in his youth.

These days he resides in Gillian's brownstone in Elmhurst. He's an elder cat, much calmer than he used to be, lounging about most day and night and seeking out places of heat and comfort. He loves laps. And he's been fixed now, too.

He was given his name by Gabriel and named after Chandra Suresh.


Currently in the care of:
Gillian Childs

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