The papers claim that this dog is a Saarlooswolfhond, which translates to a dog that is half-wolf — and she looks it, with long limbs, fat paws, a long-nosed wolf's head. Her fur is a coarse silver, marbled through with black to make patterns in her ruff, and lighter grey speckles her face, and her nose is both black and pink. Bright jade-green eyes stare out of her long face with unsettling intellect. In spite of her appearance, she is very sweetnatured, if a little needy and overbearing. She seems to misjudge her own size and attempt to interact with people as a puppy might.

My, what big teeth you have.


Kain Zarek subscribes to the opinion that the worst gift you can give someone is a living pet, and this is certainly true when it came to getting his revenge on Logan for letting in a colleague with the express purpose of fucking with the Cajun's wardrobe. Only time will tell about how this will go down.



Currently in the care of:
John Logan … 8(

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