Cooper is a tan colored French Boxer of diminutive proportions. Large ears, black nose and pink tongue with grey fur and padding on the bottom of his feet and white tuxedo's chest.


Cooper was an impulse rescue from a pound along with a second Frenchie that came from the same home. It was hoped that someone would rescue the two animals, barely a year old, and house them together. They protect the apartment at the Rivage, are walked regularly by a petsitter due to Audrey's flexible hours and was renamed after Detective Thomas Cooper as a compliment and not as an insult.


  • "Wait…" It finally sinks in what she said. Cooper turns his head to stare at her, like she's insane. "You named dogs after Ivanov and I?" … "I can't decide whether that is a compliment or if it is suppose to be an insulting jab." - Cooper

Currently in the care of:
Audrey Hanson

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