Deckard's Cat

A lean ginger tom with white markings and one eye.


Originally kidnapped from a batch of kittens Teo was in the process of rescuing a year or so ago, Deckard's cat was never officially named and will respond to several nicknames or most any two syllable word said with the right lilt (common variations include: mr. kitty, patches, whiskey and shithead.) For a while he dragged it around from dwelling to dwelling with him, sometimes literally. As as result, he's tolerant and used to people but not overly trusting.

He lost his eye (and most of his fur) when the first Lighthouse burned down, eventually growing back the latter after he was healed by Deckard but never the former. With Deckard gone, it's hard to say if he's been able to survive the weather. If he's still alive, odds are he's holed up in a safehouse somewhere eating rats, scraps and more rats.

Deckard's Cat

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