Felix is the smaller of the pair of French Boxers. Black with a white tuxedo'd chest, stout body, lacking a tail and big ears, snubby nose. He's the quieter of the pair, and more energetic.


Felix, Like Cooper, was an impulse rescue from a no kill pound along that came from the same home as a pair. It was hoped that someone would rescue the two animals, barely a year old, and house them together instead of separating them. They protect the apartment at the Rivage, are walked regularly by a petsitter due to Audrey's flexible hours and was renamed after Agent Felix Ivanov as a compliment.


  • "I named them after you and Ivanov" Why she confessed him that she did that, who knows, she's not exactly explaining her thought processes to him. - Cooper
  • "Compliment" And because maybe she might almost read minds. "And Felix keeps trying to hump Cooper. I have to wonder about that dog" - Cooper

Currently in the care of:
Audrey Hanson

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