Franklin "Foggy" Nelson

Foggy is a Timneh African Grey and lives up to it with dark grey feathers and a dark red splash at his tail. He's a medium-sized bird, about ten inches tall and fairly bulky. He talks. A lot. R2D2 noises are his favorite.


Monica brought Foggy home after a business trip abroad — a rescue animal, she says — and they've been bonding ever since. When she was released from her position at Yamagato, she sent Foggy to love with Marlowe instead, as she was uncertain of her own situation and future.

Franklin "Foggy" Nelson

Currently in the care of:

Favorite Phrases

Sound Effects

  • R2D2 whistles and beeps, of course.
  • A pretty damn good imitation of Monica's arm gears and gyros.
  • Chewbacca noises.


  • "Jiba! Crackers!"
  • "Quack."
  • "I'm gonna bitecha."


  • "Je t'aime."
  • "Très drôle! Très drôle!"
  • "Votre visage est tragique."


  • "Ento ny solosainy!"
  • "Fenoy ity."
  • "Aiza ny kafe?!"


  • "Chou kawaiii~!"
  • "Kono… bakabakashi!"
  • "Hara heta."
  • "Gochisousamadeshita."
  • "Chikusho!"


  • "Mirame. Soy deliciosó!"
  • "¡Azúcar!"
  • "Coño…"
  • "¡Ese pinche cabrón!"
  • "Aver…"
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