A white cat with peculiar markings on his face, reminiscent of a certain man's rather famous eyebrows. The "eyebrows" caused him to be named Gabriel.


Once owned by the doomed Hokuto Ichihara, this cat haunted the Ichihara Bookstore, sometimes living with Corbin Ayers at his apartment, and then given to Lydia when Corbin turned ownership of the Bookstore over to her.

When she was forced to flee Roosevelt Island, she brought the cat with her to Pollepel Island. This is where he was last seen in 2011.

A mission to rescue some of the animals left behind was undertaken at some point by Corbin Ayers and a few others and Gabriel and a few were found and brought home again.

He is still a big fluffy terror who liked to attack anything from feet to innocent dust bunnies.


Currently in the care of:
Corbin Ayers

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