A large, ill-tempered stallion whose size dwarfs that of its rider: Eileen Ruskin. Grindstone is an Andalusian mix with a coarse, dappled gray coat and a grizzled face that's a little too long for the rest of its proportions. Streaks of brown and paler gray are threaded through its mane, which is otherwise dark.


Grindstone bites.

He is not a nice horse — most of the time. Eileen purchased Grindstone from his previous owner, who was preparing to shoot him because he was too difficult to ride and prone to biting when handled. (Those who have drawn comparisons between the stallion's disposition and that of Gabriel Gray are not far off the mark.)

In return for her love and affection, Grindstone graciously tolerates her presence. Again: Most of the time.


Currently in the care of:
Eileen Ruskin

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