A small, lean puppy with dark gold fur, floppy ears and a lolling purple tongue that betrays her Chow Chow heritage. Long, slender legs and a tail that curls backwards on itself with thin wisps of paler hair look gangly and awkward on an animal of her size, but also contain the promise of a more elegant appearance given time and the opportunity to grow into them.


After the dog pack that had been terrorizing Staten Island was put down during a frantic search for runaway animal empath Hailey Gerken, a litter of orphaned puppies was found under a mausoleum in an snow-choked cemetery by Jensen Raith. Rather than put them down, he took the four-week-old litter home and began bottle-feeding them by hand, hoping to individually adopt the puppies out as soon as they were big enough.

Hazel was adopted by Hailey Gerken for the Lighthouse children.

Bright-eyed, curious and outgoing, Hazel has a number of positive personality traits that are offset by a very serious case of separation anxiety that she developed after the litter's initial abandonment. Her every waking minute is spent in the company of people, though she isn't particularly attached to any one person, while nights require her to be curled up next to another warm body — usually Hailey's.


Currently in the care of:
The Lighthouse Kids (Hailey)

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