A large, cross-eyed megaderp of a Burmese cat.


Probably once someone's pampered housecat before the war, "Idiot" received his moniker from Geneva because of his physical looks and almost complete tunnel vision, an unfortunate trait which causes him to run into objects and generally be overly clumsy. He was a starving, bedraggled thing when he was found in the streets, but under the girl's care he has rounded out into his full formidable glory once again**. If anything happens to him, it isn't a stretch to say Gene would literally murder the culprit. Currently resides along with Geneva at the Lanthorn.

**Idiot has successfully been put on a diet. He is still l o r g e and in c h o r g e, but he is now at a happy and healthy weight!


Currently in the care of:
Geneva Stevenson

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