This Belgian Malinois was a former NYPD bomb sniffing dog retired from the force from old age settling in. His coat was a rich reddish brown dappled with black primarially on the lower portions of his legs and head, and gave him a strongly fox-like coloration. The fur around his muzzle had turned gray, a visual cue to the dog's old age.


While he still had a keen nose and sharp eyes in 2008 Jupiter was getting tired and blunted in old age, resulting in his being retired from his position an a member of the NYPD's K9 unit. Gray around the muzzle, as it were, Jupiter was still a very well trained and obedient dog that responded to a wide variety of commands and seems — at times — to be considerably more intelligent than an ordinary dog typically seemed.

While his senses were blunting with age, Jupiter was still capable of sniffing out explosives though with less of a degree of precision than he once did. Colette didn't advertise Jupiter's talents however, and preferred to allow him to lead a comfortable and relaxing life that he spent lounging around and sleeping, typically.

Toward the end of his life, in 2011, Jupiter loyally followed Colette and Tamara from New York to Canada after the fall of Pollepel Island. Jupiter remained a loyal companion to the two when they were reunited with Tasha and he took on a new role as a therapy dog to her during her recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Jupiter passed away in his sleep in February of 2017 and is buried in the garden plot behind the Brooks' Residence brownstone in Williamsburg.

Since Jupiter'a passing Colette has sworn she will never have another animal. His death, and the death of one of hr last connections to her father, took a great toll on her.


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