Kaang is a fully grown South Aftrican Boerboel dog, and an extremely large example of his breed no less. He isn't the tallest dog in the world, standing at a mere two and a half feet at the shoulder, but he more than makes up for that in sheer muscle content; powerful muscles ripple beneath his reddish-tan coat. He possesses a distinctly molosser-type face, with golden eyes peering out from a wrinkled face and a droopy black-pointed muzzle that conceals a very obviously powerful set of jaws.


Kaang was given to Keira by her good friend Tibby a former friend when he was just a puppy, as a gift. He has been by Keira's side ever since, only separating from her on rare occasions. She trained him to be her guard dog (and he is quite good at his job), as well as her constant companion. She loves Kaang just as much as other people love their children, and he is one of the few creatures on this earth who have never experienced her foul temper.

He is a Very Good Boy.

Prior to her death, Keira sent Kaang to live with Richard Ray.


Currently in the care of:
Richard Ray

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