He be tiny but fierce. A skittish black kit with gangly legs, "Kettle" bears curious golden-brown eyes and wide ears that flick in the direction of any unexpected sounds. He tends to shrink in anxiety and skitter away at any unexpected occurrence, but almost always will bound forward again not too long after to investigate. When comfortable with his surroundings, he turns into an excessively playful and loving kitten, vocal about his desires and the way he prefers things to be. As far as he's concerned, all the world is his plaything, and he rules as king of it.


Kettle was a part of a litter dropped off in front of Raquelle Cambria's salon in late spring of 2019. At the impromptu adoption drive held to find the kittens homes, Emily rescued Diana from Kettle's claws and sass and the two have hardly been parted since, each doting on the other. Certain shared similarities in their personalities partly inspired his name. Kettle helps to soothe Emily when she's in distress most frequently by butting his head fiercely up against her chin, and sometimes will also reach up a paw to 'hug' her about the neck.


Currently in the care of:


In a wartorn wasteland of a future, an Emily Epstein also adopted a black cat named Kettle.

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