A small, pale puppy with a dark face and sheen on its back. Although his fur is short now, there's something both rough and velvety about its texture that suggests his coat and curly tail will fill out as he does.


After the dog pack that had been terrorizing Staten Island was put down during a frantic search for runaway animal empath Hailey Gerken, a litter of orphaned puppies was found under a mausoleum in an snow-choked cemetery by Jensen Raith. Rather than put them down, he took the four-week-old litter home and began bottle-feeding them by hand, hoping to individually adopt the puppies out as soon as they were big enough.

Max was thrust upon Joseph Sumter by Eileen while he slept in a desperate bid to get rid of him (the dog, not the pastor).

Max is afraid of everything. Sudden movements. Loud noises. People. Fortunately, these fears have yet to result in aggression toward anything living — the same, however, cannot be said of inanimate objects left alone in the same room as Max who, like Hazel, developed severe separation anxiety issues and a taste for carpeting, women's clothes, strips of weathered wallpaper and more or less anything it can wrap its mouth around.


Currently in the care of:
Joseph Sumter

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