A large, dog with gold-brown eyes and a mix of medium-length ginger blonde fur darkest around a muzzle often split wide into a grin full of needle sharp teeth. One ear stands up, the other flops down.


After the dog pack that had been terrorizing Staten Island was put down during a frantic search for runaway animal empath Hailey Gerken, a litter of orphaned puppies was found under a mausoleum in an snow-choked cemetery by Jensen Raith. Rather than put them down, he took the four-week-old litter home and began bottle-feeding them by hand, hoping to individually adopt the puppies out as soon as they were big enough.

Missy was adopted by Kaylee Thatcher.

Known as "the boss", Missy is loud, pushy and frequently destroys clothing and furniture to express her displeasure at being deprived of what she wants. She is very much a 'talker' when the mood suits her, like when strangers show up expectantly. She's also fiercely affectionate to the point of biting anyone who gets between her and Kaylee, but obedience training has gone a long way; although stubborn, Missy has a penchant for learning and picks up commands quickly… as long as her person is the one giving them.

She does have a short list of people that she kinda likes, at the forefront of those is Joseph since he is the alternate food and attention giver when Kaylee isn't around.


Currently in the care of:
Joseph Sumter

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