A fluffy, spitz-type dog whose cream-and-tan coat has the texture of softest wool. Her dark brown eyes are alert and have an intelligent gleam.


After the dog pack that had been terrorizing Staten Island was put down during a frantic search for runaway animal empath Hailey Gerken, a litter of orphaned puppies was found under a mausoleum in an snow-choked cemetery by Jensen Raith. Rather than put them down, he took the four-week-old litter home and began bottle-feeding them by hand, hoping to individually adopt the puppies out as soon as they were big enough.

The largest and oldest of the litter, Misty was adopted by Tamara Brooks. She has a quiet, observant personality and a dignified air. She's used to getting what she wants but has rarely needed to bully her siblings (or anyone) to achieve it. Most of her time is spent watching in respectable, companionable silence; oddly enough, she does not bark and has physical difficulty making even the smallest vocalizations apart from heavy sighs and the occasional snort.

In November 2010, Misty was left in the care of Sable, who then passed her back into the keeping of Colette Nichols-Demsky and Tasha Renard during Tamara's continued absence. Misty was finally reunited with Tamara in December 2011 and has remained with her since.


Currently in the care of:
Tamara Brooks

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