Odin is an enormous monster of a dog, standing at just below seven feet on his hind legs. He's a purebred black Great Dane, with a splotch of white on his chest. He stands at roughly 3.5 feet at the shoulder, and is quite the muscular dog. While he may look enormous and rather frightening, he is actually an extremely sweet dog; the only time he ever shows any aggression is when Keira commands him to, or if she is in danger.


Odin is technically stolen; one day, Keira and a homie of hers were ransacking this house, and within was a large Great Dane puppy who couldn't have been more than 12 weeks old. Keira immediately fell in love with him, 'liberating' him from his owners, to take him home and raise him herself.

Since then, Odin has been Keira's constant companion, since he was but a little puppy. She's trained him to the best of her ability (and he is quite obviously intended as more of a guard dog than anything else), and he is fairly well-trained as a result, responding . Despite his training as a guard dog and her rather hard exterior, Keira truly adores Odin, and he's likely the only living creature that has never experienced her foul temper.


Currently in the care of:
Graeme Aiden Cormac


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