A large roughly two times the size of a house cat, feline with a reddish orange coat and white marks on her under belly and face. An exotic wild looking cat.


Named after the African Orisha of winds, lightning, death and rebirth Oya is one of Tibby's longest friends and faithful (ish) companions, an African Golden Coat found in the wilds curiously along with a caracal named Adze, Tibby played in the vicinity and watched the felines from a distance for a while, coming to use her ability to bond with and eventually win their trust. Oya is the more relaxed and lazier of the two (though she has her moments of terrorizing). Often prowling around the overgrown home that Tibby has claimed for her own in Park Slope, she is gone at dusk or dawn to hunt in the overgrown neighborhood, running among the other zoo animals in the area. Not tamed so much as just tolerating Tibby, Oya is left to her own devices often in Park Slope or she roams the Exclusion Zone (though african golden cats favor forest and overgrown dense area so she will likely be there most times. Tibby likes to keep her near and in the shadows when she is out and about in the Safe Zone but she does allow her to roam because wild cats do not like to be kept in captivity. African Golden Cats have a tendency to steal so watch out.


Currently in the care of: Tibby Naidu

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