Pen Pen

Pen Pen is a rockhopper penguin of average size. Weird black circle pattern in its stomach as some sort of birth mark.


Pen Pen's history is long and confusing, having ended up on the U.S.S George Washington during Operation Apollo. He was actually not supposed to be on the island at the time, but things happen, and that's an entirely different story. After coming into contact with Magnes J. Varlane, he mostly stuck around for the food, and followed him because unknown to Magnes, he had a crushed piece of fish perpetually stuck to his shoe. After Operation Apollo, most of the penguins were returned home, however Pen Pen had been sleeping in Magnes' room. Of course, considering Magnes' emotional distress, he hadn't noticed the penguin was still with him.

Pen Pen escaped the room one morning while they were on the coast of America, falling over the side of the ship and getting carried with the current to LA, while they were relatively close. The penguin walked through the city mostly looking for food at this point, until wandering into a production company in the middle of filming an ice cream sandwich commercial. He turned out to be just what they needed, having a sudden rush of inspiration, and now Pen Pen is rising up in the world of commercial advertisement. His legality is disputed, but his current trainer and the production company takes good care of him.

Pen Pen

Currently in the care of:

The middle child.
Likes fish.
Once tried to follow Shia Labeouf home.
Currently in training.
Has filmed 5 commercials, only just beginning to air.

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