Pila is a fine member of Melopsittacus undulatus, Budgerigar or Common House Parakeet, of the classical blue palette and female sex (identifiable by the brown-colored nose area or 'cere' above her bill). Measuring almost 7 inches in length, and weighing 32.4 ounces, she is about eleven years old, athletically fit, and extremely well-trained, accustomed to human handling.


Pila is Teo Laudani's pet. Teo bought her shortly after he first moved from Sicily to New York City to Columbia University, because he had a broken-heart, vast loneliness, and a soft spot for things that have been touched but not ruined by man. The two became fast friends. Fortunately, she survived the Bomb in the care of some friends during 2006.

For the last year, however, she has remained in the custody of Abigail Caliban to ensure that the bird has constant care, Between the two of them, the blue bird has remained a source of constant affection and enjoyment for all, known to chew out Teo when he comes around and prefers to nest in ones hair, or sit on shoulders when allowed out of her spacious cage.


Currently in the care of:
Teo Laudani & Abigail Caliban

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