A dirty brown young dog with a darker muzzle, black lips and eyes rimmed in the same charcoal colour.


After the dog pack that had been terrorizing Staten Island was put down during a frantic search for runaway animal empath Hailey Gerken, a litter of orphaned puppies was found under a mausoleum in an snow-choked cemetery by Jensen Raith. Rather than put them down, he took the four-week-old litter home and began bottle-feeding them by hand, hoping to individually adopt the puppies out as soon as they were big enough.

Rhett was adopted by Abigail Caliban.

The runt of the litter, Rhett's short life has been a struggle for survival even after he and his siblings were taken in. As a result, he has developed a case of food aggression, does not tolerate being touched in ways he does not like and does not share well with other animals or people. He is, otherwise, a mild-mannered puppy that's usually content just to be in Abigail's company and follows her around like a second shadow — if shadows had claws that made noise when they scraped across hardwood floors.


Currently in the care of:
Abigail Caliban & Robert Caliban

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