Rugby is an extremely friendly, shaggy-furred Pembroke Welsh Corgi with the common cream-and-white fur variation. He's average sized for a corgi, average weight, and rather pampered. Often seen in a stylish doggy sweater and off-leash if permitted, Rugby's practically everywhere Toby is.


Adopted from the humane society before the bomb, this six-year-old dog is Toby's child. He's had a very adventurous life, going from apartment to apartment, job to job with his flighty owner, and he's extremely loyal to the man. He's obedient even without the use of Toby's powers, though he's got the same flighty streak that his human does. Doggy ADD, pretty much.


Currently in the care of:
Tobias Benton-Ward

As a sidenote, Rugby actually exists and is up for adoption. If anyone in the Ithaca, NY area is looking for a Corgi, I rifled through PetFinder to find Toby's pet. Details are here.
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