Samson is a mixed breed Molosser that is in roughly the same size range as a mastiff type of dog. He comes to around 36" at the shoulder, and weighs around an athletic 200 pounds- slightly higher than usual because Delilah tends to spoil him a bit. Though not overweight, he does have a softness to him despite lack of fur. Said fur is short and bristly, though smooth and not coarse; he has a brown brindle coat color, and a splash of white over his chest. Eyes are somewhere near an amber brown. Samson's ears are cropped, but his tail is not docked.

For purposes of ease, Samson's likeness is based on the Presa Canario.

Samson is notorious for being pawned off on Delilah's friends for various reasons, though never in a bad way. He is extremely easygoing with her friends, and seems to employ a high intelligence all his own; it gives him a mature, attentive manner and a tendency to (almost) never misbehave for others. Samson responds extremely well to an Alpha presence in terms of who he listens to completely.


He already had the name. Fate brought him to Delilah. A rescue from a city shelter, the same place as Alicia, Delilah went in looking for a puppy and came out with the older dog, who was scheduled to be destroyed at the end of the day.

Samson's former owner spent a great deal of time and money on training the giant Molosser; whoever he was, it was a notable undertaking and has left Samson knowing the tricks of the trade when it comes to being a trained companion and bodyguard. Delilah is often finding commands that she did not know that he knew. Bring relatively young- around four years old- Samson still has some finer details to hammer out in a few departments, but Delilah will be eternally grateful that he ended up with her and not with someone that may misuse his protective nature.


Currently in the care of:
Delilah Trafford

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