Scarlett, contrary to name, is actually an ink black cat, approx. a year old. Sleek in body, shiny coat and yellow eyes, she wears a Scarlett red collar with a little crystal that hangs off the front of the collar along with a name tag with her name, number and address.


Scarlett was from Teodoro Laudani the winter of 2008 to give her company when he and Al were away from the apartment and as a Christmas gift. He secretly spent months acclimating the then kitten to get along with Pila his Budgie and hiding it at a neighbours. She has remained a fairly well mannered cat, enjoys sitting on the fire escape the occasional times that she is let out the window or settling on the laps of guests. She gets along with other animals for the most part, be it Alicia or Schrodinger, as well as other birds.


Currently in the care of:
Abigail Caliban

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