A small nightingale with light brown feathers, a paler underside and a silver identification band fastened to its left leg.


"Perhaps a pet? Bran is all she has from home, and the majority of those she operates with here are no better than rats of a this above-ground sewer. But perhaps there is some shop still about, or close, where a pet of sorts, some avian of higher breeding can be procured? Nothing can replace her Tower Raven, to be sure, but she would invariably be soothed by such a thoughtful gift from one such as you."

Delivered to Eileen Ruskin, avian telepath, by Amato Salucci in Cruelty in Kindness, Scheherazade is a nightingale that was purchased by Kazimir Volken from a private breeder in the hopes that another companion animal might make it easier for the young woman to adjust to New York City. After the fall of the Vanguard's local cell, she took work with Dr. Constantine Filatov, with who Scheherazade has remained since, mostly due to the fact that the nature of Eileen's work makes it difficult for her to keep an animal that isn't capable of looking after itself.

Although the bird is named after a legendary Persian queen, it is in fact male (only male nightingales sing).


Currently in the care of:
Constantine Filatov

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